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Martin Warner

He now builds web applications and websites for a range of clients, with his creations including, which gives reliable real-time exchange rates and currency conversions.

“I’ve always loved breaking and fixing things, and I’ve grown up in an age where you can pretty much learn anything with a few clicks,” he says.

Crowcroft says his industry is open to anyone willing to put in the hard work and get noticed.

“Almost anybody, from any background, can make a start and find out quickly whether it’s something they’d enjoy,” he says.

“And if you put in the hours, you can be world-class.”

He adds technology is such a broad industry, that all types of strength are needed, whether they be managerial, academic, design or programming skills. And one thing’s for sure: ‘geek’ is not the insult it once was.

“It’s a mark of respect,” Crowcroft reckons. “Geeks shall inherit the Earth.”

UK serial entrepreneur Martin Warner, 40, would agree with that. He’s the founder of Tech Entrepreneurs Week and a veteran by industry standards.

By the age of 24, he’d made tens of millions with shrewd investments and tech development, and set up the four-day conference to help others in the area.

His initial goal when starting out was simple, “to build something that people would use”. “I [hypothetically] took a look at the future, and tried to predict what people needed.”

Warner believes that there’s more money to be made in tech than in banking, with new starters needing minimal funds to get off the ground. “People can build companies in their garages. Entrepreneurism is the next cool thing,” he assures us.

During an economic crisis, Warner says the technology industry flourishes. “Web and mobile is the most exciting place to be on the planet,” he says.

“It touches every industry. Three billion people have the internet, and that makes tech industry experts rocks stars.”

How to Get Started

• There are plenty of tech-specific degrees out there in a wide range of disciplines. But think outside the box. A lot of what you need to know can be self-taught or learned through trial and error – find courses that complement those skills.

• Have a go and get creative – make a website, learn HTML and JavaScript, then fiddle about with WordPress, PhotoShop and other programs. And stay up-to-date.

• Be referable, the kind of worker that people want to introduce to others. Confidence pays. Then leverage connections for clients
or that dream job.

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Tech savvy careers: Industry experts say it's the most exciting area to work in on the planet
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