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In every business, you will encounter details requiring documentation starting from business plan to financial accounts. Refined and easily accessible and retrievable information is crucial for every business regardless of size. The introduction of computers has allowed this to be possible since you can have soft copies stored securely. Furthermore, written work is more presentable considering aesthetics and formalities. The Internet has also allowed for sharing of information in this form. However, one hindrance exists, you have to type the knowledge to achieve such convenience. Typing can either be hectic or too slow to match timelines thus frustrating efforts to having a printed copy of a data. Some will opt for written work; as a result not recognizing the essentiality of typed work which can’t get substituted.

Quick typing

Typed work is becoming a necessity in this digital generation considering the uncountable advantages of having your work typed. Resultantly, typing is inevitable for business, and keyboard skills are no longer isolated requirement for administrative officers. Considering the bulk of work a company may be dealing with in a given period, speed in typing is indispensable. Earlier, school curriculums had keyboard skills included. The current situation is different as we preempt that such powers are self-learned. We can now appreciate the importance of water that the well has gone dry. 

Everybody can type provided he/she is not physically impaired. Speed is what makes the difference. Is there a right typing speed? Well, earlier there used to be typing competitions we could gauge the rates, these don’t exist anymore, and we will have to rely on the good old data for now. The right typing technique as established by experts in 1889 is the touch typing. 

Touch typing is like driving your car or riding a bicycle once learned; you don’t have to be conscious for you to execute. Cognitive automaticity will develop with time after training you get better only to plateau at optimum typing speed. Barbara Blackburn, the fastest known typist, worked at a rate of 150 words per minute, quite impressive. Most people type at an average of 45 words per minute, while this can suit basic personal needs, it is not sufficient to account for the intensity in business. You can improve your typing speed by taking one of the best online typing courses, 400 hours will be adequate to impart the necessary skills, and you can now type without confirming now and again. To be the expert, an additional 600 hours of training is required.  

Quick typing is needed in business

Touch typing is a must-have skill in business as at 21st century owing to the many benefits it will offer to your enterprise atop the pros of typed work. The compelling benefits of quick typing below should prompt an inclination towards quick typing. Here is why fast and accurate typing is vital for every business.

 Your health is paramount

Sitting on the keyboard for long hours typing volumes of works in a static posture can be strenuous. You will probably get fatigued on the way and keep thinking a lot atop getting frustrated in the course of duty. Quick typing will allow you to complete task timely and get rewards if any. Such motivation from responsive rewarding typing job is ideal for your health.  Besides, training on proper typing techniques will handle posture stress and avoid you of immobility related illness. You can learn on proper sitting postures and even start taking breaks amid typing sessions to free up the system. Generally, recommendations on good health practices for a typing job will ensure you maintain optimal health and remain on duty which is good for the business as well as your employment tenure.

 Consolidating your focus to the specific task

Quick typing is when you get familiar to the keyboard and internalize every aspect. When using home key, you can type fast and accurately without having to look at the keyboard. You will direct more effort to listen or thinking and generating ideas. Contrary, slow typist attribute their slow speeds to the time taken in confirmation of words every single time.  When you type without divided attention, you are likely to produce better content since the executive functions are freed up to concentrate on advancing the business agenda. Besides, disruptions checking on whether you are doing the right thing and continuous corrections may disintegrate your focus to drift from core business making the work hectic thus not accomplishing tasks. Touch typing will minimize distractions when you are working on your computer.

Saves you time

Learning quick typing skills will drastically cut your work time. You will take fewer minutes in tying thus allocate more time for thinking and planning on the outlay of the task. Touch typing enhances efficiency in time management whereby you take a shorter time to deliver on a given job. For instance, before training on quick typing, one can do 20 words a minute, following training and incorporation of the same, up to 60 words a minute is achievable, and this is a huge difference to influence change.

Improving personal contribution thus business productivity

With the basic quick typing skills, life will get comfortable and work more manageable. You can write reports, minutes and emails at the speed of speech without errors. No backlog in your tray and this way, an opportunity for more task is guaranteed thus you propel the organization to achieving its goals. Most of your work will be up to the standards and often, acceptable quality of work will guide appropriately in the implementation stages. Quick typing brings forth good prompt results and ultimately better trade returns. Also, accurate data entry will ensure you don’t make losses in your business due to typos and poor entries.


Quick typing is an essential skill for every employee and equally to employers. Hunt and peck method has no place in this era and age, lots of resources will be lost due to erroneous and slow typing. By having quick typing skills, you become a priceless asset to your enterprise.

Why Quick Typing is So Important in Business
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