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Where you study can have a serious impact on where you end up living, many young people assume that they will go to university and then return home to find work, but the truth is that many people fall in love with their university town or city and end up making a new life there.

Tom Whale from Oxford Summer School explains: ‘Young people coming to summer school in London are bitten by the London living bug, even before they have been to uni, in many cases, they fall in love and end up moving to university in London and never leaving’. Just in case you didn’t know how awesome London is for living here are a few reasons you might be one of those people that come and never leaves.

Seriously Multicultural

Did you know that there are over 300 languages being spoken in London? You will meet, live and work alongside people from many different cultures and this is a truly epic experience. London is considered to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the whole world, and it won’t take you more than a day to see why for yourself. It is a brilliant atmosphere to live in and experience other people’s cultures and lives, a great place to open your mind and take it all in.

Transport Central

Buses and taxis are everywhere you look but don’t forget the massive transportation network running right under your feet. The Tube is totally awesome and will make sure that you can get anywhere quickly. If you live in London, you will soon become a seasoned Tube traveller, and of course, you are ideally placed to hit the overground lines to go anywhere in the country. Oh, wait, don’t forget that the Euro Tunnel has a point in London too, so you can also pop over to France on a whim right from your doorstep.

Find Your Niche

There are groups for just about every interest you can think about in London, in fact, such is the density of population that you will find whole neighbourhoods that have a common vibe going on. From fashion to food, there will be so many places that you can call home and an entire fleet of like-minded people waiting to be new friends you can really find your groove and fit right in. It doesn’t matter how outlandish or tame your interests are we guarantee you will find like-minded people to blend in with.

Food, Glorious Food

It is safe to say that London is a food capital on a global scale. There is every cuisine from every country and more besides, even if you decided to eat out for every meal you would run out of years before you ran out of venues. Every diet, like and dislike is catered for, and you will be able to experience so many new foods it really is like food heaven. From home-cooked styling to Gordon Ramsey and loads in between.

Why Living in London is Cool
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