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Brendon Burns: Hasn’t Heard of You Either

Aussie loudmouth turned philosopher – and TNT fave – Burns (pictured above) was diagnosed with partial hearing and so turns his acerbic wit on disability, its portrayal and our misjudged hang-ups about it all. He’ll also look at why he is still, to some ill-informed folks, a “painfully anonymous figure on the UK comedy scene”. Not for much longer. 

£15.50, Jun 4, 7pm


Michael Winslow: Noizeyman

Winslow was Sergeant Motor Mouth Jones in the Police Academy movies, stunning the shit out of crime – and Steve Guttenberg – with the 10,000 sounds he could conjure using just his voice. An Udderbelly and Ed Fringe regular, if you haven’t seen him yet, you should have!

£17.50, Apr 30-May 3, 7pm; 
May 4, 6pm


Vikki Stone

The Soho Theatre award-winning musical comedian and actress pops in for a single night of gags and songs. 

£12.50, Jun 19, 9pm


The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape

After his ace Xmas run in the West End, New Zealand’s favourite son and the finest man ever to take to the stage to perform with gaffer tape over his gob brings his utterly unmissable More Tape show to the South Bank. The Boy, aka Sam Wills, is an audience-involving superstar and his show is hilarious – but be warned, you may wind up on stage!

£15.50, Jun 25-30; Jul 2-7; Jul 9-14. Times vary


Robin Ince

Science and comedy make fab bedfellows in hysterical-funnyman-who-also-likes-science Rob Ince’s new show (his last was titled Happiness Through Science, and brought audiences exactly that).

Here he looks at his favourite scientists Charles Darwin (who killed god, essentially) and Richard Feynman (who “dabbled” – our word not his – in quantum mechanics that may or may not have helped Dr Sam Beckett time-travel within his own lifespan).

So you’ll learn about the world and how it works, such as: why heavy metal music will make pigs deaf, spaghetti will snap into four and bald dogs have bad breath. And you’ll realise the stuff they taught in school was actually pretty interesting after all. No, really!

£15.50, Jul 6, 7.45pm


Scott Capurro: Islamahomophobia

What exactly does it mean to be offended? Too many people claim to be this on a daily basis. There are those that say San Francisco-based American Capurro’s comedy is abrasive, an assault, and purely provocative. It is all of these but you’ll only find it ‘offensive’ if you’re a half-witted fucktard. 

£12.50, Jul 5, 9pm


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