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Game of S.K.A.T.E finals - sport

Game of S.K.A.T.E is a world-renowned skateboarding game birthed back in the Seventies that pits skateboarders against each other to demonstrate their skills, courage and four-wheeled talent.

Heats took place in April at Mile End skatepark to whittle down a prospective 32 boarders to a final eight, who will face off in Streetfest’s final. The competition will be screened live on Red Bull Flow, Sidewalk and CaughtInTheCrossfire social media sites.

3.30pm-4pm & 5pm-6pm


Voodoo unicycles - sport

Unicycles are one wheel short of a bike, so to speak, but the Voodoo crew will show why it’s not about the number of wheels you’ve got but what you do with them that counts.

The six-strong team of riders will be demonstrating what can be done when you’re grabbing your crotch in a street-cool manner and peddling. Can’t wait to see that ...



Bonnie & Clyde breakdance battle - dance

The b-boys and b-girls take centre stage in this battle of the sexes dance-off. Expect moves that make you marvel, bristling attitude, loud audience support for their respective gender and, of course, a highly driven, hormone-charged edge.



Screen street t-shirt printing - art

Printing stylists Screen Street will be on hand all day to conjure up anything your mind can fashion onto a humble T-shirt. So get your thinking caps on and imagine some out-there visual masterpieces to put their skills properly to the test.


Nemesis - dance

Dance group Nemesis run classes for young people in Hackney in street dance and contemporary dance, as well as athletic coaching so you have the stamina to pull off the big moves over and over again.

They’re pulling up at Streetfest to offer tutorials and skills sessions so you can learn the moves, the technique behind them and what you need to work on to make sure you’re the sharpest mover in the hood. Limber up and get ready – this will be an intense sesh.

1pm-1.30pm; 3.45pm-4pm


Red Bull mini ramp jump contest - sport

The same guys who put a man in space and then stunned the world as he jumped from a hot air balloon 39km high back to earth bring you this gravity- defying jump comp. A team of 20 professional skaters will compete in a half-pipe challenge with two aims – to outdo each other and to impress the crowd. The best rollerbladers and BMX riders will also be in action.



Photos: Getty; Rutger Pauw/ Red Bull


Streetfest in Shoreditch: Celebrating urban culture, graffiti, skating, b-boys and more this bank holiday weekend
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