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As if we needed another excuse to hop in the sack, as well as giving you a smile on your dial and a spring in your step, sex can leave you with bulging biceps, a solid stomach and toned thighs.

“Sex can greatly complement your training by specifically targeting your core, cardiovascular fitness and some of the largest muscles in your body, ensuring that you burn a lot of excess fat during the process,” says Jon Stratford, owner of Commando Active boot camps.  

“Keep the bursts of high intensity short – obviously not taking it to climax, which itself is good exercise – while using your rest period to enjoy the moment,” he advises.

“Change positions every few minutes to ensure that you vary the stimulation and to target different muscle groups.” 

Of course, as with any exercise, a warm-up is important. Stratford warns: “Progressively increase the intensity and the adventurousness of the positions to avoid embarrassing injuries or, even worse, calls to the emergency services!”

So next time you need to hit the gym, try one – or all – of these moves instead...

The twister stalemate

What you need to do: The woman should be underneath the man, who is on his hands and knees. The woman wraps her arms around the man, lifting her body off the floor, with both feet planted on the floor, either side of the man’s.  

What it works: “As the woman thrusts upwards, this works her glutes and hamstrings,” explains Decford Hutchins, one half of personal training duo ‘TeamDyle’, who train at LA Fitness in West India Quay, Canary Wharf. “The man is bearing the woman’s weight, so his core needs to be engaged, while his chest and triceps need to work hard to stay in the position for a considerable amount of time.”

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 135; her 97

The strictly ballroom

What you need to do: The guy stands while the woman wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. The man supports the woman by holding her bottom.

What it works: “The man needs to be strong in the bicep department and have substantial quad and core strength,” says Kyle Maslen, the other half of TeamDyle. “The woman will work her biceps as she keeps her arms wrapped around the man’s neck, and she will need to engage her core to maintain her position.”

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 118; her 96 

The wheelbarrow race

What you need to do: The man stands behind the woman, lifting up her lower body by the front of her thighs, while the woman plants her hands on the floor.

What it works: “The man works his biceps as he holds her thighs in a fixed position,” Hutchins says. “He will also use his quads and glutes due to the weight-bearing pelvic-thrust motion. The woman will use her core to stay in position and will work her chest and triceps as she supports her upper body.”

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 101; her 97 

The reverse cowgirl

What you need to do: The man lies down and the woman straddles him, facing his feet. She can stay upright, but leaning back maximises her workout.

What it works: “Although the man appears to be in a relaxed position, he can still work his muscles with thrusting and glute contraction,” Maslen says. “The woman is definitely doing most of the work, though. If she leans back she will need to use her core and triceps to keep her stable, while also contracting her glutes.”

Kcals burnt in 30 mins: Him 80; her 105


Photos: Thinkstock  *One Kcal = 1000 Calories


Let's sexercise: A 'bedroom workout' can leave you feeling great and looking buff
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