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Chvrches have been around for little over a year but this, their biggest London show to date, is one of the most keenly sought after tickets in town.

It sold within minutes, scalpers prowl the kerb, and the buzz inside is palpable, wrought with anticipation and expectation. Will they live up to it? Damn straight they do.

Glaswegian trio – Lauren Mayberry (vocals), Ian Cook (keys, bass), Martin Doherty (keys, vocals) – have a smattering of electro-pop singles to their name and their latest, the Recover EP, is on sale in the foyer. Its lead single has also been “played on the radio” as Mayberry says by way of introduction to the track this evening. Opening with a throbbing, pulsating Lies, Chvrches race through a 50minute set that includes last September’s The Mother That We Share and Now Is Not The Time. Their electro-pop is instantly accessible and yet rewards repeat visits, Cook and Doherty backgrounding Mayberry’s vocals with everything from pop to house to indie - like a more rough and ready Pet Shop Boys in a many ways.

When you come with this much cool-kudos, it is easy to be dismissed as a media-hipster affectation. But the band’s genial smiles, laid back on stage demeanour and lack of pretences sidesteps even the thought they could be too big for their boots. From Mayberry’s Miss Marmalade Lil Kim rapping – twice – to Doherty’s broad grin and cheeky wave as they depart after a cover of Prince’s I Would Die For You, they clearly enjoyed the show as much as the hundreds packed in this Shoreditch venue

“We’ll see you at Field Day,” he says, tipping his ever-preset baseball cap back on his head. You can guarantee they’re going to be one of that weekend’s highlights. 

Review by: Alasdair Morton


Live review: Chvrches, Village Underground, Monday April 29
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