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It may not be quite as spectacular as the solar event in New York's Manhatten but it ain't bad...

At 8.27pm on Tuesday (7th Feb) the residents of Melbourne were treated to a solar display as the sun set and cast it's glow perfectly down the east-west streets of the city.

Loosely based on Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with the upright stones on the Summer & Winter Solstices, 'Manhattenhenge' in New York City became a phenomenon in it's own right due to its huge skyscrapers providing a perfect path for the suns rays to light up.

The grid system in Melbourne, designed by Robert Hoddle allows for a similar solar display. This years 'Melbhenge' went viral thanks to a social media campaign calling for photographs. The next one will be on November 3rd.


Forget 'Manhattenhenge' - 'Melbhenge' is where it's at
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