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Anthony Weiner

With his rather apt name, Anthony ‘I’ll show you mine’ Weiner has been caught sexting not once, but twice – with the first sexting scandal dubbed Weinergate. It happened in 2011 when, using his public Twitter account, Weiner sent a link to a photo of his erect penis, concealed by boxers, to a 21-year-old female college student. After a huge furore, married father-of-two Weiner resigned from Congress.

This year, he announced his return to politics as a candidate for mayor of New York City. Following this were claims of more sexting, forcing Weiner to admit sending sexy messages to three women in the past year. He’s brazenly refused to leave the mayoral race.

Joe Stagni

Joe Stagni “asked for god’s mercy and forgiveness” when he was caught sending inappropriate texts to a woman other than his wife in 2011. The sleazy image of the married Kenner City Councilman, from Louisiana, in his underwear was sent to a colleague he was having an affair with, accompanied by the oddly serious message: “I’m n trouble-serious conversation wwife [sic].”

She forwarded it to another colleague’s email, and it found its way on to the council’s official computer system. Surprisingly, Stagni kept his job, and his wife.

Christopher Lee

With his bicep flexed, New York Republican Christopher Lee obviously chose his bare-chested sext image carefully before sending it to a woman he’d met on Craigslist. After some digging around, the recipient realised Lee’s true identity and went public. In 2011, the dad of one resigned from Congress after it was revealed not only did he send the photo, but that he lied to the woman about his marital status and his age – oddly, saying he was 39, not 46.




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