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TNT is 30 years old, and in celebration of entering our fourth decade, we decided it’s high time we put together a list of all those things we should have done by now but haven’t.

Those must-do-before-40 experiences we’ve all dreamed about, but haven’t got round to yet. No more procrastinating. 

Maybe it’s been to finally get that tattoo you’ve always umm’d and aah’d about, or to conquer your fear of heights by jumping out of a plane. Or to bash the shit out of domestic objects at London’s smash-it-up Scrapclub. 

“Everyone carries their own colour of stress, from the mundane to the intense,” explains Scrapclub’s co-founder Wajid Yaseen. “There’s nothing like Scrapclub to offload it!” 

Tooled up with bats, hammers, pipesand all manner of assorted heavy-weight weapons, the object of Scrapclub is to annihilate a load of junk – TV screens, computers, pianos, cars – unleashing your inner aggression in the most satisfying way. 

Revenge: get your own back on technology

“We came up with the idea on the back of a performance piece [co-founder] Joel Cahen and I were involved in which had a certain amount of contained destruction – we wondered what it would be like for an audience to not only witness a ‘destructivist’ action, but to have a hands-on, first-person involvement,” Yaseen says. 

Is there one object folks particularly enjoy smashing? “People love destroying pianos, and we seem to have an almost endless supply of them from people who don’t want them anymore,” Yaseen reveals. 

“The overwhelming emotional experience is joy at the inevitable fate of these derelict objects.”

Maybe destruction is not your bag, but you have long harboured a fear of heights. Then now is the time to conquer it once and for all – by throwing yourself out of a plane. 

Hang on: Griffith-Jones, two miles high

“Nearly every human has an inbuilt fear of falling, so to be able to overcome this by exiting a perfectly good aircraft is a euphoria like no other,” explains Skydive London’s instructor Dylan Griffith-Jones. 

“The feeling, the buzz and the emotion of the whole situation is a sensory overload whilst falling at over 120mph. To be suspended under 400sqft of nylon one mile above the ground after this is a surreal, peaceful and awe-inspiring experience.”

So what can you expect when you take on your very own Point Break daredevil moment? 

“It affects people in different ways,” Griffith-Jones says of his experience of leading tandem jumps. 

Do look down: conquer a fear of heights

“Some [people] are sick, normally on the instructor. A small percentage do faint – I must confess to coming within inches of this myself during a tandem jump last year – but most people really enjoy it and can’t explain the feeling. Some even come back and train to do it on their own!”

With loads of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in and around the capital, you have no excuse for not getting out there and ticking things off. There is no time like the present!

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Scrapclub. Sep 15. 3pm. £10.  
Cody Dock, E16 4TL  
Tube | Star Lane DLR

Skydive London.
Fri, Sat & Sun. Mar-Dec. £190  
Redlands Airfield, SN4 0AA



Photos: Mark Stone; Jonny Moulder


Dirty 30 bucket list: No more procrastination, ultimate must-dos you can tick off in London
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