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Isn’t Danny Boyle a lovely, lovely man. The acclaimed director and visionary behind tomorrow night’s London 2012 opening ceremony spent four hours personally shaking the hand of each person involved in the £27m production.

Boyle has been keen for spectators at the dress rehearsals to remain mum about what they've just seen. In the form of a twitter hashtag , the message '#save the suprise' was flashed up on big screens inside the stadium.

Many in attendance have tweeted about their experience, although they were careful not too reveal too much – not too difficult when you’ve only got 140 charaqcers to get your message across.

Dan McNeil tweeted: “I am now sitting on my seat in the Olympic Stadium. But I shall £savethesurprise and not tweet details of the ceremony. Sorry.”

Pete Hendrick let everyone know his view of the event: “If you’ve got plans Friday night, cancel them. Opening ceremony is out of this world. Danny Boyle, I salute you.

And Prashant Mistry wrote: “I have to #savethesurprise, but today’s opening ceremony dress rehearsal was epic! you guys are in for a treat on Friday!”

Alan Palmer tweeted: The greatest show on earth. Be on front of a TV on Friday. Do not miss the Opening Ceremony. Proud. Emotional. #savethesurprise

Meanwhile, Mark Ravenhill showcased some black humour: “Sneak peek: Thatcher to be incinerated alive in front of world audience to kick off Olympic Games #savethesurprise”


London 2012: Danny Boyle spends four hours shaking hands with every volunteer involved in Games opening ceremony
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