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New to London? Trying to work out which groups of people are the most fun to drink with? Well, there are a few contenders for the top spot; have you given Rugby League fans a go?

Rugby League season is just about to kick off, and these guys and girls are always brilliant fun. Still need more convincing? Here you are - ten reasons to get wasted with Rugby League fans. Cheers!

1. It doesn't matter which team you or your mates support. You can always attend the match, sit next to your mate in opposing jerseys and enjoy an afternoon of friendly banter. Even if your mates go for your bitter rivals (eg: Illawarra Dragons fans v Sydney Roosters Fans).

2. Love at first sight is always possible when you see a girl wearing your team's jersey. Lets face it, you know she’s already got good taste.

3. Rugby League fans don’t get drunk, they get passionate.

4. After a few pints, everyone is a singer.

5. After a few more, everyone is a historian.

6. Fellow fans will never question your choice of drink. If you order a cider or a coke, people will just assume you’re a Winger or Fullback.

7. Kick off and Beer O’ Clock are the same time. Even if that time is 6am for an international match.

8. No matter what your level of inebriation is. If you have an old school jersey with a collar, you can walk into any of the world's more classy establishments.

9. You quickly learn the lost art of agreeing to disagree.

10. Unlike at the Oscars, it’s not a faux pas to be seen wearing the same clothes as the person next to you. In fact, it’s encouraged!

Essentially, at the end of the night, every Rugby League fan will agree - above all, the game itself will win every time.

This article was written by the Fulham Foxes, a Rugby League team from Fulham in South West London. Click here to find out more. They're also on Twitter @FulhamFoxesRLFC.

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The top ten reasons to go drinking with Rugby League fans
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