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Alton Towers has announced details of its ‘biggest, fastest’ roller coaster yet, which will open next year and raise the bar for adrenaline junkie-sating rides at the Staffordshire amusement park.

“It is felt Alton Towers is ready for a big investment and ready for a big iconic ride,” a spokesperson for the famous attraction told local website This Is

The new ride, codenamed Secret Weapon Seven, will open in March of next year to the tune of £18million. It will reach speeds of up 85 mph, last 165 seconds and have a highest drop of 35 metres, eclipsing the other rides currently on offer at the park such as Air (pictured above).

“Over the past few years we have been trying to find the balance between being a family attraction and a site for thrill-seekers,” the spokesman says of the new plans. “We have now reached that balance.”

Alton Towers has long been famed for its iconic, roller coasters such as Nemesis, Oblivion and Rita. This new attraction though is to up the ante and offer something truly unique and terrifying.


Alton Towers announce 'biggest, fastest,' roller coaster yet
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