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A former Saturday Night Live star has caused outrage by saying the Sandy Hook Elementary School is what happens “when you forget the ten commandments”.

Victoria Jackson, who is now a political conservative, posted a message on her Facebook account and compared the tragedy to abortion.

The Sandy Hook massacre left 26 dead – including 20 young children - after a 20 year-old gunman opened fire at the school in Newton, Connecticut.

It is the worst school massacre in American history.

Jackson wrote: "My friend Jim Riley posted: "Wasn't the Connecticut killer just doing what abortionists do every day? It's a wonder we don't have more 20-year-old "dads" doing what women and doctors have been an accomplice to for years in America. When you forget the TEN COMMANDMENTS, people, THIS is what you get."

The post quickly received backlash, and one person suggested Jackson should "go before all of the families that lost loved ones and explain to them why 'this is what they get”, reports the Huffington Post.

Jackson also spoke out against US President Barack Obama’s emotional speech over the killings.

"Obama dramatically wiped a tear as he said, "The majority of those who died today were children - beautiful little kids ... They had their entire lives ahead of them - birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own...



This is not the first time that Jackson has caused a stir.

She also made headlines during the presidential election for her comments regarding the Todd Akin’s legitimate rape controversy.

The social media comments are an addition to the sick Facebook pages that are spreading across the web.

One Facebook pages is called "Christmas this year went from iPhones to head stones”. The same user also made other poorly spelled pages, including "Thank god for Sandy Hook because they dident (sic) read the good book"

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Former SNL star Victoria Jackson compares Sandy Hook tragedy to abortion in controversial Facebook message
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