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Us Brits are known for our love of takeaways, booze and lazing on the sofa - and now it seems that our slovenly lifestyles are catching up with us.

An online survey conducted by asked 2,817 Britons how often their weight fluctuated during the year, to which the majority, 83%, confirmed that their weight changed ‘regularly’.

The participants were asked to select all occasions which resulted in the largest increases in their weight. Christmas was identified as the worst holiday for weight gain, followed by birthdays and Easter.

Respondents were then asked, ‘Are you heavier or lighter than this time last year?’ to which the majority, 71%, claimed that their weight had increased since 12 months ago.

In order to assess the reasons behind this increase, the participants with an overall weight gain during the last year were asked what factors had contributed to them becoming heavier on the scales.

The top five factors blamed for weight gain were as follows: A stressful schedule, a new relationship, a hectic social life, having a baby and starting a new job.

The majority of those who had gained weight, 48%, identified that their gain was primarily caused by ‘unhealthy eating habits’, whilst 23% admitted it was down to them being ‘less active’.

TNT would like to point out that Easter is traditionally a four-day gorgefest and will be ignoring this warning until Tuesday. 

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The average Brit has put on 5lb since last April - and we're blaming the gain on stress and new relationships
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