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You know how it is, an early morning or a late night after a hard day at work, it’s all you can do to keep your eyes open. Not so for one woman on the tube who nodded off and then proceeded to snuggle up to the man next to her in a viral clip.

The young woman appears to fall asleep on the underground, leaning forward as her eyes close before waking up momentarily, looking at the passenger next to her and then snuggling up to him as if she was at home with her boyfriend on the sofa. 

She wakes up moments later, mortified at her actions. 

However, despite the cosiness of the clip, which has gone viral, doubts have arisen as to whether it is genuine of a prank. The sleepy woman, despite her shows of embarrassment, seems to know the person that is filming them. Eithger it was a friend who had seen this happen before and recognised the tell-tale signs of a sleepy friend, or it was a prank. 

Have a look and check it out for yourself below.  

Video courtesy of Sug-Sean Webster.


Video: Woman accidentally snuggles up to tube passenger in viral clip
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