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Hilariously, Virgin Atlantic's Facebook account has inspired a raft of sarcastic comments after it equated Richard Branson with Nelson Mandela, calling them both "inspirational leaders".

A photo of the billionaire businessman with the former South African president and anti-apartheid activist appeared with the caption: "Did you know these two inspirational leaders share a birthday? Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela & Richard Branson!"

One user posted, rather diplomatically, "With respect to Mr Branson, they're not quite inspirational in the same way."

We'd have to agree that this does appear to be a social media blunder - either that, or the Virgin boss has a rather inflated sense of his own achievements.

Another post read: "A very Happy Birthday to 2 very different but equally amazing and inspirational men :)", seemingly achieving both a dig at the comparison and a chance at some free airline tickets.

While one user left us wondering whether she was being sarcastic when she commented: "Happy Birthday Sir Richard!! You are an inspiration to me", another left us in no doubt when he wrote: "Richard Branson - for all his success - is not worthy to even share the same toilet as Mandela. Pathetic."

A more non-committal chap said:"Dunno if im comfortable with putting Mandela and Branson in the same league but happy bday i guess."

Perhaps the most well thought out comment read: "How can you put Mandela and Branson in the same group. Branson isn't inspirational. A guy who owns a multi national company and Mandela a true man had to fight for human rights. I know who I would call my leader."

We like that one lass resisted the temptation to call herself an inspirational leader too, simply posting: "They share a birthday with me....happy birthday boys xxx".

Image: Facebook


Virgin Facebook account equates Richard Branson with Nelson Mandela in social media blunder
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