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If you're a Brit that would rather walk across hot coals than sashay across the beach in just your bikini (what, no sarong?), you're not alone. It appears that we're a nation of nudity-phobes. has carried out a Flip Flop Report, which looks at our beach holiday habits. The results make for predictable reading.

66% of prudish Brits deemed trunks unacceptable beach attire, but 60% of Brazilians and 40% of Germans said they would wear skimpy speedos at the beach.

Half of British women admitted to covering up with a one piece or a tankini, and 1 in 5 Brits would go out of their way to avoid meeting someone from work in their swimwear.

Other European countries exhibit the most body confidence, with 49% of Austrian women going topless, closely followed by Spain.

Leading the way for beach nudity are the Germans and Austrians: just shy of a third from each country admitted to having gone nude at the beach, as opposed to 12% of Brits and just 2% of Japanese.

And it isn’t just British women who cover up at the beach - 25% of British men opted to wear a t-shirt when sunning themselves. Come on, Brits - let's get those pasty legs out and stick two fingers up to feeling shy.

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Germans leave Brits in the shade when it comes to body confidence on the beach
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