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Jeremy Beadle eat your heart out – a Brazilian hidden camera TV show's prank, in which people stranded in a broken lift are ‘visited’ by a little girl ghost, has gone viral.

In a stunt that is as cruel as it is funny, people are stuck in a lift with a host of hidden cameras monitoring their reaction as the lights flicker, the lift comes to a halt, before the lights go totally out.

At this point, under the cover of darkness, a little girl ghost crawls out of a side panel and when the lights come back on she is stood there motionless next to them.

Like something out of The Ring, the girl stands there, looking all ghoulish and, admittedly, really rather freaky, before turning slowly towards the stranded lift companion and screaming at which point, as the clip shows, all the victims lose their shit completely.

Then the lights go out, she retreats through the secret side panel and when the lights come back on she's gone.

Photo: YouTube


Video: Brazilian hidden camera TV show's ghost girl in a lift prank goes viral
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