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Spell-binding scenery, hip-shaking beats, sultry summer sun and endless partying on the beach – you will fall in love with South America in a heartbeat.

South America is an explosion of colour and chaos, with vibrant cities that never sleep, tropical coastlines and wild jungle terrain. Every country has its own flavour – and the dance of choice will tell you all. From sexy samba in Brazil, to sassy salsa in Colombia to fiery tango in Argentina, this is a continent that really knows how to move and we guarantee your hips will be shaking in no time.

The continent bursts with passion: religion turns magical as pre-colonial rituals merge with Catholicism and the Latin spirit burns bright no matter what. Nowhere else in the world does an airport delay turn into a full-flung fiesta – believe us, in no time you will have made friends with your pilot’s grandmother, grandfather, great-aunts (all seven) and even their chickens who will be joining you on board. Not to mention you will have mastered salsa and feasted on fresh empanadas that mysteriously emerged from behind the service desks... at least that’s what happened to us.

Latin cities will feel familiar to anyone who has spent time in Europe, with white-washed colonial buildings surrounding buzzing green plazas. Except here, rather than rushing to work, the entire population, it seems, meet each afternoon to chat over street food and kick back under the shade of the tropical trees. In urbane Buenos Aires you can feast on steak to your heart’s content (or until it gives out).

Just across the borderis wind-battered Bolivia where the Andes mountains stretch from Peru and cliff-top towns make your head spin in the thin air – not to mention what the views can do. And then there are the non-stop parties of Rio where bronzed babes and muscle-men sun themselves on the city shores under the watchful eye of Christ the Redeemer. There’s something for everyone and the captivating mix of old and new, of European and pre-colonial, will pose endless questions that everyone is happy to answer along the way. Most people start their trip in Argentina and travel up by coach or plane depending on how much time they have. But as you will quickly learn, ticking clocks are irrelevant here and all you will have the power to do is sit back and let the adventure come to you. It won’t take long.


Big Trip: Salsa through South America
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