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From white-knuckle jet skiing to peaceful paddleboarding, the waters off the south of France are ready to entertain you.

It’s a Monday morning and, opposed to the usual spot of tucked under my office desk, my legs are dangling over a drop of around 70 metres as I gently float through the air over the coast of Le Grande Motte in the south of France.

Feeling the fresh sea air on my face, looking out at a sun dappled horizon on one side and the long stretch of sand on the other, and hearing nothing but the speedboat below slicing through the water – the roar of its engine reduced to little more than a gentle murmur – I conclude that parasailing beats even a double-shot espresso when it comes to waking me up. And this is but the beginning.

With the next stop promising a thrill ride aboard ‘The Raptor’ powerboat, followed by an afternoon lunching on a catamaran, a gentle paddleboarding session on a lake and a not-so gentle hour of jet skiing, this day could convince even the Boomtown Rats that Mondays ain’t so bad.

With my feet safely back on terra firma, they are soon whisked from underneath me again after I board The Raptor. Besides wearing a wetsuit and a hooded poncho, the tidal waves that greet me slap-bang in the face everytime the super-speedboat spins or breaks, ensure that I end the ride soaked through regardless. Like a 20-minute-long rollercoaster ride on the water, I was ready to jack in my job right there and then and stamp my CV with ‘driver of The Raptor’, but after the driver tells me this is one of only a handful of powerboats of this kind in the world, and that he had to go through six months of intense training before he was allowed to drive it, I decide it is more fun to be a passenger anyway.


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