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Slurping beer, snogging beer wenches, munching sausages and riding rollercoasters it’s got to be Munich’s one and only Oktoberfest.

You’ve probably had a few warm up sessions – nights of overdoing it at the pub or maybe even a beer festival where you worked your way through all the taps. But there’s nothing that can prepare you for the boozy bender that is Oktoberfest, a time when the world agrees it’s OK to chug as much amber nectar as you possibly can, all in the name of German culture. We’ll drink to that.

Oktoberfest has been running since 1810, when Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese and the National Guard organised a large horse race by way of public celebration. A good time was had by one and all, so they decided to throw a party the same time the following year. And so on. 

Nowadays, it’s grown into an absolute behemoth of a beer festival. No less than 14 tents are set up in Munich, serving slopping, frothy steins of beer, platefuls of heavy Bavarian grub, and even the odd glass of wine, if you feel that way inclined. Before, during and after drinking there’s also plenty of entertainment on offer, yodelling performances (naturally), bands and a fairground complete with Ferris wheel and roller coasters. A giant party, by anyone’s standards. Here’s what you can expect and everything you need to know to make the most of it. 

What to expect: Good beer and bad behaviour 

credit: Tommy Loesch

Unsurprisingly, many of Oktoberfest’s fans say their memories of the festival are a little, shall we say, hazy? 

But Australian-British Haley Langtree, 23, won’t forget her first time: “How can you really describe Oktoberfest? Better question is what can you remember from it! Going to Oktoberfest was a last-minute decision, paid for with money I was meant to use to set up myself up in London and during a time I was meant to be looking for work and a place to live – but I regret nothing.
“I went camping with Topdeck and had an amazing time. Steins larger than your head, beer tents, dirndl and lederhosen as far as the eye can see, onesies, German drinking songs (and the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army), someone forced to skull every couple of minutes, after-parties at the campsite, Hey Baby sung repeatedly late at night and early in the mornings, collapsing tents, exhaustion, and many awkward/funny/great other stories and moments...

“The best part by far was meeting some truly unique and crazy people, whether it was being joined by strangers, other people on the tour, or people who are simply walking in the same direction as you. Oh, and finally appreciating beer. It left a dent in my wallet, I was exhausted after a week, but it was one of the most beertastic experiences of my life and I will hopefully be doing it all over again this year.”

TNT reader Alastair Brown has both feet planted firmly in the hazy camp, but this is what he shared with us on Facebook: “Been there twice but can’t remember too much about it apart from the gorgeous beer, tasty chicken, snogging a serving wench and someone breaking into the campsite’s supply shop. Oh, and something about a bicycle getting thrown into the river below the weir. Beer was good though and no hangover!”

Clea Marshall, 28, from New Zealand, had an Oktoberfest experience that sounds like something between a surreal dream and a seriously epic party. She says: “Last year the following things happened – a randy horse that was trained to nuzzle ladies’ cleavage totally nibbled my boobs. Then my boyfriend and I befriended an entire table of Italian dudes at Paulaner Hall, where we were deep and meaningful with them for several hours. We swore to be BFFs forever, then never added them on Facebook.  “At Hippodrome we met an elderly German couple called Renata and Martin and promised to meet them for lunch, same day same time this year at the same tent.

“We went on the rollercoaster late at night, but my other half was so smashed he doesn’t remember it at all. I also ate a chocolate covered banana and got it all over my face.” Perhaps it was time to head home then, Clea?


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