Here’s our top 5 cities for being bad. Not that we in any way recommend the activities described herein. If you get in trouble, TNT accepts no responsibility. Make no mistake: you’re on your own…


Las Vegas, USA

This unrivalled sin city is an unabashed orgy of hedonism; the place to drink, gamble, see strippers and get into scrapes.

Marijuana is now legal to buy in Nevada, even for recreational use but there are limits – if you are over 21 (same as the legal drinking age) you can visit a medical marijuana shop potentially as early as July this year, and purchase 1oz of bud or up to an 1/8 oz of concentrate for recreational use. With plans in place to allow recreational dispensaries to open up in 2018/2019, getting high in Vegas will be easy. However, it’s unlikely you will see a recreational dispensary anywhere along the Strip, as zoning rules in Clark County (the home of Las Vegas) prohibit dispensaries from being anywhere near casinos and although it’s legal, if you buy from a street dealer and are caught, you will be in the shit and don’t even think about trying to bring it in over the state line! When it comes to smoking your weed, consumption is for private use only – you can’t walk down the street in a haze of smoke as you’re at risk of 6 months in jail and a fine of up to US$1,000!

It never ceases to amaze that a country as inherently conservative and God-fearing as the US should allow legal prostitution, but it does in states like Nevada, HOWEVER once again, Clark County is an exception and prostitution is illegal, so the brothels tend to be found in the more rural areas. Probably most famous is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, once the proud star of its very own HBO documentary series. The legal brothel has been going since 1955 and was a firm favourite of Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. Although, the bleach-blond rocker was charged with battery afterwards. Nice, Vince, nice…

Vegas and gambling go hand in hand so if you have some dollar burning a hole in your pocket but aren’t quite up to playing the tables of Ceasars Palace, try places like Gold Coast Casino just off the Strip, who offer games with a low stake – $5 blackjack and $1 roulette or El Cortez casino downtown, where you can try your luck at roulette for a mere 25 cents.

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Berlin, Germany

No matter what you’re in to or up to Berlin will provide the place to do it. When it comes to drugs, although illegal throughout Germany, cannabis is ‘tolerated’ to a certain extent – you can be found with up to 15g in your possession for personal use and still escape prosecution…mostly, just don’t be stupid and wave your joint in the authorities face! You’ll also find it’s pretty easy to buy cannabis in neighbourhoods such as Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg – specifically Görlitzer Park in the latter, but scoring in the street is not without its dangers so ask around amongst fellow backpackers to see who’s who and what’s what!

When it comes to sex, Berlin is very open indeed – prostitution has been legal since 2002 and authorities are working towards trying to make the industry safer for workers and punters alike. As of July 2017, it will be law for customers to wear condoms during sex. Berlin doesn’t have a Red Light District per se, but brothels can be found all over the city – some of the more famous ones include FKK Artemis Brothel which includes a pool, saunas and cinema and Caligula – a flat rate brothel (109Euros) with Happy Hour (89Euros), which you pay on entry. If you prefer something a little more niche, Berlin has a fantastic fetish scene including the infamous KitKat Club on Köpenicker Straße – try the CarneBall – a regular Saturday night event!

Berlin has its own gambling scene, Spielbank Berlin on Potsdamer Platz is an intriguing place that combines modern glitz and glamour with Berlin’s famous street art.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The beloved Dam isn’t the place that it once was, but there are still cafes happy to let you in and smoke yourself silly and the Red Light District still caters for all and sundry. Despite its reputation, the Rossebuurt is one of the oldest and prettiest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam dating back to the 14th Century. Whether you are window shopping (literally as Amsterdam is famous for its ladies plying their trade through large windows), or looking for a live sex show, you’ll find something in the Dam to satisfy it. For a live sex show try Casa Rosso or Moulin Rouge Amsterdam– you’ll find a mixed audience in both age and gender and shows include striptease (both male & female), light S&M and full-on sex.

It may surprise some, but marijuana is actually illegal in the Netherlands despite the profusion of coffee shops selling it. It’s estimated 25-30% of visitors to the city, go to a coffee shop to partake. However, a small amount is tolerated – you can be in possession of up to 5g for personal use and be ok. Alas, one of Amsterdam’s oldest coffee shops, Mellow Yellow was forced to close under Dutch legislation that coffee shops can’t be sited within 250m of a school, but there are still plenty around. Try The Greenhouse (and you may catch the odd celeb), La Tertulia, a relaxed place, perfect for getting high by the canal or The Bulldog right smack bang in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam’s ‘casinos’ are mostly full of slot machines and a far cry from the gaming tables of Vegas but if you are looking for something a little more high class, offering more than just slots, try Holland Casino – widely regarded as the best in Amsterdam.

Bogota, Colombia

Not only is cocaine Colombia’s most famous product, it’s also one of its biggest tourist attractions. You can even take tours of coke factories, often with the opportunity to smoke the produce at the end. But remember, buying and selling of cocaine is illegal in Colombia and a South American prison is not somewhere you want to be. After decades of government fighting with FARC rebels, who in turn controlled a lot of the illegal drugs trade came to an end, marijuana is making its way onto the hills of Colombia, but at this point in time this is for medicinal use only. Recreational use has been decriminalised but be very careful – see point above re South American prisons!

Prostitution is illegal in Colombia however, authorities turn a blind eye in Zona de Tolerancia – tolerated zones. Santa Fe is one such area in Bogota but do remember, Bogota can be a dangerous place, it’s not advisable to be in Santa Fe after dark unless you are a local, but fear not, Santa Fe is full of business during the day.

Gambling is legal throughout Colombia and Bogota provides some of the best Casinos in the country try The Rockerfeller Poker Room and Casino which offers slots, gaming tables and free drinks!

Tijuana, Mexico

The party town of choice for underage Americans (the legal drinking age here is 18, lower than the States’ 21). If you intend to partake of the infamous ‘tequila with worm’ in the hope of tripping your tits off you will be disappointed, for a start the worm is usually found in Mezcal (some consider to be Tequila’s big brother), and the worm does not have hallucinogenic or aphrodisiac properties – this appears to be a successful marketing ploy, save your dineros.

As with so many other countries and states, the authorities are looking to relax their laws on marijuana. Although still illegal, legalisation of medicinal marijuana has recently been passed by the Senate and being in possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana has been decriminalized. But buying and selling will still get you in trouble.

Tijuana also has a legal Red Light District – Zona Norte or locally known as La Coahuila – the name of the main street with many strip clubs come brothels (no pun intended). Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club and Adelita Bar can be found here.

In all cases, not matter how you want to party, stay safe and don’t be an obvious tourist.

If you’re looking for sex, use the legal and therefore regulated brothels, not girls on the street – the girls in brothels are health checked regularly and in most cases are required to register with the authorities thus the likelihood they are underage or trafficked is much reduced.

When it comes to hard drugs if that’s your bag (sorry), in some of the above cases, possession of small amounts won’t land you in jail although it may cost you some of your spends…but in all cases make no mistake, buying and selling is illegal.

Do your research beforehand and ask around among fellow travellers.