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Jackson Hole might not have that kind of popularity around like that of the city of Jackson in Mississippi, but the place should be on every single bucket list. Why? The beauty and the enigmatic elegance of the place around are too good to be true.

If adventure is something that triggers you (in the best way possible), visiting Jackson Hole is definitely the answer to your adrenaline rush. Encompassed with jagged peaks and mountains of the Tetons, this place does attract quite a hunch of tourist attraction throughout the year. If you are planning on visiting, ensure to get the best deals on the Jackson Hole rentals to save yourself some money. 

In this article, we are going to be discussing the best things to do and places to visit around the Jackson Hole. 

  1.  Visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art

This specific destination is the perfect amalgamation of what every wildlife and art enthusiast would want to witness in their ideal travel destination. There is an overall of 14 different kinds of art exhibits around the place including the sculpture trail, Children’s discovery gallery and even a majestic library for you to bring out your inner nerdness. The museum is home to over 5000 different exhibits and also conducts temporary visiting exhibitions. 

  1. Get around with the Jackson Hole Eco Tour Adventures

Next on the list is the amazing eco tour adventures that are quite popular around in Jackson Hole. The natural bounty of the area surrounding is spectacular for every wildlife and nature enthusiast around. These eco tours let you enjoy the beauty of the place around without having to explicitly worry about driving places around. The two most common destinations included in these trips include the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. The trips can last up to a half day or even an entire day as well. 

  1. Look through the Jackson Hole Still House Works

This is the only present craft distillery in the entirety of Jackson Hole and thus inadvertently attracts a lot of tourist attraction throughout the year. The distillery is known for its intensive production of vodka, gin and even whiskey and that too, on site. The best thing about this distillery is the fact that every ingredient used is locally sourced along with the pure mountain water which further adds to the amazing integrity of the final product. Every single one of the spirit is individually packaged in unique bottles and then sent off to the people who purchase them.

  1. Visit the National Elk Refuge

Elks are one of the rarest species of animals on the planet, especially when it comes to the Jackson Elk herd. The National Elk Refuge is one of the most popular sanctuaries that helps provide a home for these local animals and helps sustain their living in a healthy environment. These animals tend to migrate across the land of Jackson Hole and the Yellow ecosystem. Start by visiting the interagency visiting centre from where you can move forth to see these glorious animals in their natural habitat.

Location: National Elk Refuge, 675 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

  1. Visit the Grand Teton National Park

If you are in Jackson Hole, visiting the Grand Teton National Park is an absolute must. It is one of those outdoor destinations that irk the nature lover within you. There are a number of activities you can indulge in while there – ranging from the long hiking trails or even just sit and enjoy the devouring beauty of the mountains surrounding you. If you are visiting during the summer, there are a number of activities you can indulge in on the Snake River itself. On the other hand, during winters, the priorities change to the cross country skiing and snowshoeing. 

  1. Take your kids to the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

If you are visiting Jackson Hole with your family and kids, visiting the Children’s Museum there is a must do for your kids. This specific museum has been constructed and developed in a way to intrigue the kids and help them provide with a stimulating environment that they can work around with. They even have role-played sections where your child can bring out their inner desires and play the character they see themselves in. Once in, your kid is never going to want to come out of the place at all. 

Location: Jackson Hole Children’s Museum, 174 N King Street, Jackson, WY 83001

  1. Visit the Jackson Hole Playhouse

While majority of the activities and places to visit around in Jackson Hole include outdoors, if you want a quiet night in, visiting the Jackson Hole Play House can actually be a good enough option. Have some dinner and enjoy the laidback aura of the entertainment the hotel staff themselves present you with. This place is a favourite among the locals and the tourists alike and if you drop by, ensure to enjoy the enigmatic performances. 

Jackson Hole is not a mainstream vacation destination for every person. If adventure and over the top outdoor activities are something you are ready to explore, this is the perfect place to be in.

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