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3. Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

It is named for the nearby St Peter’s Chapel, but this wooden truss in Lucerne is a pedestrian bridge that has become one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions. 

Stretching 170m over the river Reuss, this covered bridge is now the city’s symbol and the oldest structure of its kind in Europe.

Much of what stands today isn’t original as a fire in 1993 destroyed much of it and tragically, the 17th-century paintings inside.


4. Helix Bridge, Singapore

Lefties rejoice: this giant DNA model celebrates the 27 per cent of the population who are left-handed.

This ultra-modern bridge and observation deck opened in April 2010 to link Singapore’s Marina Centre with the Marina Bay in the city.

A walk across it gives you a science lesson as symbols for cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine, the four bases of DNA, twist around the spiral and are illuminated in red and green at night. Geeky but cool.

5. 'X' Bridge, Brazil

If you thought it would be hard to burgle a bridge, you’re oh-so wrong. The Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge (also known as the ‘X’ Bridge) has been robbed three times already.

The structure’s been open less than five years, but in that time, vandals have stolen almost £75,000 worth of the wire, plus broken into the control room to destroy the lighting.

When it isn’t being vandalised, the bridge draws attention for its unique ‘X’ structure with two impressive curved tracks.


Photos: Thinkstock, Getty


The world's top 5 landmark bridges to visit on your travels
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