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Here’s our (not-exhaustive) list of the best breaks for being bad. Not that we in any way recommend the activities described herein. If you get in trouble, TNT accepts no responsibility. Make no mistake: you’re on your own, buddy.

Nevada, USA

Top of the list was a tough decision, but Nevada is always going to win out. It never ceases to amaze that a country as inherently conservative and god-fearing as the US should allow legal prostitution – even if Nevada’s brothels are all in remote rural areas, shoved out of plain sight.

Probably most famous is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (, once the proud star of its very own HBO documentary series.  The legal brothel has been going since 1955 – though, thankfully, the girls haven’t – and has enjoyed celeb custom from the likes of Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. Although, the bleach-blond rocker was charged with battery afterwards. Nice, Vince, nice … Then, there’s Nevada’s ultimate drawcard … Las Vegas.

This unrivalled sin city is an unabashed orgy of hedonism; the place to drink, gamble, see strippers and get into scrapes.  In fact, so dogged in pursuit of the party is Vegas that its newest gimmick is ‘daylife’, which takes the drinking and cavorting associated with nightlife, but removes the pesky necessity of waiting until the sun goes down. Think massive parties around the pool that start as soon as the sun comes up and don’t stop until you get enough (to borrow a phrase).

So there you go, folks: if you want to let loose, laugh in the wizened face of responsibility and not get judged for being utterly hammered before 10am, Las Vegas is for you.  Happy days!

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