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Have you ever been to Eindhoven? It’s a beautiful town in the Netherlands with lots of sights and attractions.

This travel guide will show you five road trips that are worth doing while there - some are close by, others require more time. All of them are great for making memories!

The City of Eersel

This is a place to go if you love biking trails - it offers over 100 kilometers for its visitors! You can also visit the Gothic church here, built in the 1800s, and still holds services every week. It’s really beautiful inside too, with lots of stained glass windows. Lastly, there are some great shops in this town where you can find anything from clothing to local specialties like cheese or chocolate.

The Eye of Eindhoven

This is a short trip, only about ten minutes from the center of town. You can either take a taxi or rent a car for the day at one of the reputable car rental companies such as BB&L car rental.

It’s definitely worth going if you want to see beautiful views and even get in some shopping. You can visit the largest windmill ever built - which was restored over a period of eight years and now offers public tours. Additionally, you can walk through the living world underneath Eindhoven - a huge indoor garden with lots of exotic plants and plant life.

The Old Town Hall in Veldhoven

This is an amazing building that’s worth seeing if you’re traveling to Eindhoven. It’s been around since the eighteenth century and used to serve as a center for government and tax collection.

Now it has become an important cultural artifact in Eindhoven, with art exhibitions that you can check out - most of them related to architecture.

The City of Helmond

This is perhaps the most far-off trip on this list, but it’s also one of the best. It’s well worth your while to Rent a car Eindhoven to see this incredible city.   

The city has an extensive history of ghost sightings dating back to the 16th century. The city is now embarking on a new project to map out all paranormal activities within its boundaries.

The wonderful Helmond Castle can be found here and is worth checking out if you like old buildings and history. Additionally, there are a number of great restaurants to enjoy along with activities such as biking trails - all in nature.

The Castle of Son

This is another excellent destination to check out while you’re in Eindhoven. It has a fantastic design and was used as a shooting location for several movies, including the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

There are also some excellent restaurants nearby that specialize in serving cuisine from around the world. These include Chinese food, Italian dishes, French delicacies, and more. Make sure you bring your appetite when you visit this area!

Additionally, the main palace has an art museum that’s worth checking out.

We hope you enjoy your road trips in and around Eindhoven!

5 Road Trips to Do from Eindhoven
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