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Travel solo:

For many of us, it’s hard enough to sit at a bar by ourselves without hunching over our phone, furiously thumbing at the screen in an attempt to show everyone around us, “Hey, look, I do have friends, they’re just not with me right now.” To travel alone, then, can seem like utter madness. But think of the benefits. You can pick and choose who to hang out with: that girl who may be a good laugh, but farts in her sleep? Dropped. The guy who uses his head purely for crushing beer cans? Awesome for a night out, but you can easily head off without him to a museum or art gallery and no offence will be taken – hey, you’ve only just met, after all. Plus, let’s admit it, a lot of the appeal of travel is self-discovery, and who better to accompany you on this quest of getting to know yourself than me, myself and I? (Well, not me, you.)

Where to do it:

Pretty much anywhere you want to... if you’re a guy. Ladies, we’re afraid this one’s a bit tougher for you. Of course men need to be vigilant in dangerous places – parts of South America, the Middle East and Africa are best travelled through in a group, if at all - but, in some countries, lone women will be seriously harassed or even arrested. In strict Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to walk around unescorted by a male relative, and, while you are not in imminent danger, you will likely feel uncomfortable roaming the streets of India alone. 

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