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Eccentric Britain: home to the weird and wonderful events where people get an actual prize for whoever can win at toe wrestling, eat the most stinging nettles or snorkel through a bog.

These outlandish festivals are putting this great country on the map, clearing up the Brits’ false reputation as a reserved nation, and showing the world that they will risk pride, honour, and even life and limb in the name of some of the craziest competitive stakes out there. And, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so here are our top five obscure UK festivals for you to check out and get stuck in!


In this egg-citing event (come on, we had to), competitors from far and wide flock to Swaton, the 'birthplace of eggthrowing', to battle it out in Russian egg roulette, egg trebuchet, target throwing and more. The proud tradition of chucking eggs around is said to date back to 1322 when the newly appointed Parish Abbott would give an egg to peasants attending church services. When the River Eau flooded, monks would hurl the eggs over the river to the waiting crowd. Risky.

It’s been played in the village ever since and is now officiated by the World Egg Throwing Federation, who take it so seriously that they have been championing to turn it into an official sport - something which, sadly, was rejected by Sport England back in 2011.

Challenges include the egg trebuchet challenge, where players hurtle eggs at each other from a catapult, and egg target throwing, which not only encourages players to take aim at a human target, but even awards extra points for hitting certain areas, like the groin.

In Russian egg roulette, competitors take turns smashing six eggs on their foreheads. Five are hard boiled, but one is raw and so the loser literally ends up with egg on their face. Along with bragging rights, winners take away chocolate egg awards. It’s estimated that 300-400 eggs are used in the festival every year, but what to do with the leftovers? Why, pelt them at one unlucky individual chosen to run and dodge them like bullets of course!


The top five obscure UK festivals
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