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Laura Lindsay from Lonely Planet answers your burning travel questions

Q: I’m planning on spending about two months in South America, from November. My plan is to start in Buenos Aires and work my way up in a kind of Z shape, and include Mexico City. Where would be best to buy a return flight to/ from? Also, will Machu Picchu be too wet in December? Nick, via email

A: I would fly in to Rio de Janeiro, then you are well placed to begin a U-shaped route around the continent without having to retrace any of your journeys.You will find conditions for your visit to Machu Picchu will not be the best. The rain can make trails slippery and campsites boggy, and, worst of all, the view may be obscured by clouds. However, the rain is usually short-lived, and the sun, when out, is strong. So rather than missing out on one of South America’s absolute must- sees, just make sure you have all of the right gear (a good waterproof jacket and sunscreen) and hope for the best!

This is a huge area to cover in two months, so I would suggest looking into an airpass. For example, Brazilian airline TAM offers a mileage-based airpass, which starts from about £250 for 1200-1900 airmiles. LAN also has a great network of flights across the continent. The main problem you are going to haveis including Mexico City. It’s a massive detour and I would suggest missing it out. You would need a return flight from one of the major South American airports, which will be pricey.


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