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Survival Guide: Essential tips for Morocco

Morocco is unique but bewildering, and best explored when you’ve got some helpful advice under your belt.

Parlez vous Francais?
Learn French phrases and you will be able to interact on another level with locals on another level. Also, greet Moroccans with “assalam aleykum”. The Muslim greeting translates as ‘may peace be with you’. You’ll get a very warm reception.

Stay in a riad
Experience life in a labyrinthine medina by staying in a riad (a traditional medina house-hotel built around a courtyard). You can book a room, as you would at a regular hotel, or rent an entire riad and live like pashas of old.

Carry plenty of small change
Tipping is part of the fabric of life in Morocco. The local word is ‘baksheesh’, which means somewhere in between tip and bribe.A tip of five or 10 dirhams is expected for almost every small service, so make sure you’re carrying change.

The right clobber
You can avoid unwanted attention by wearing appropriate clothing. Men should wear trousers rather than shorts, and women, cover your knees. If nothing else, this will keep you protected from the sun. It gets cool at night, so take a jacket.

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