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To say that the COVID-19 pandemic was a bummer for social lives would be an understatement. We tried our best to try and maintain a sense of normality by coming up with inventive ways to use services like Zoom.

A natural casualty of the pandemic was many a single person’s love life. However, as things return to normal as more people become vaccinated love no longer must be placed on the backburner.

Digital is fine, but…

One such novel use of technology during the pandemic was the emergence of speed dating apps. These most certainly served a purpose while we were stuck in what felt like a never-ending lockdown.

Apps arose that promised 10 dates in 15 minutes while others looked to take advantage of the safety concerns that plague social dating apps by providing a more secure online speed dating experience. These were novel approaches that still allowed us to foster connections, but it was hard to feel like something wasn’t missing.

A Real-life Connection

What was missing was a sense that what was happening was real. Some will argue that of course, it's real, but that is not the point. Rather, there is a divide that happens when talking through a screen and app. It’s a distance that cannot naturally be closed.

The distance made us realize the level of closeness human beings typically need to find whole. As much as we wanted it, distance always separated those looking for love and it was a not insignificant hurdle to jump for many.

Speed Dating as Solution

Now that slowly things are returning to normal we are beginning to realize how we have been starved of the feeling of closeness we need. For those still single, finding love became a mammoth task often ignored due to the sheer enormity of the entire scenario. For those people, speed dating may prove to be the remedy for a love life in critical condition.

A UK-based company seems to have come up with a solution that combines the advantages of online dating but with real meetups. SpeedDater provides a website where individuals can sign up and register for real meetups at trendy locations throughout the country. This helps like-minded individuals make real connections.

Further, private information is kept private on the website and users can be confident in the fact they are talking to real people, not scammers or chatbots. The company also organizes different themed parties and several online events. This caters to all ages and preferences.


As we crawl out from lockdowns Speed Dater certainly provides a better take on an old idea. By combining the benefits of both online and offline dating singles again have the opportunity to foster real connections where distance is no longer the dividing factor.

Speed Dating: An Answer to Real Human Connections Post-Covid
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