Garnering talent from all over the world, there’s a strong Aussie & Kiwi contingent at this year’s Fringe…

Celebrating 70 years with over 53,000 performances, TNT picks out some antipodean highlights to look out for…

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**Bubble Show for Adults Only**

August 13-28

The bubble show your mother warned you about is here! Clothes and bubbles will fly in this cabaret styled story filled with beautiful bubble creations, stripping, slapping, stick fighting, foam burlesque, acrobatics, contact juggling and bubbles that are absolutely not for children. Professional bubble artists and physical performers, Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze, bound across the stage, illustrating their real-life sex and relationship dilemmas for your amusement. Every bubble trick in the book is demonstrated in the naughtiest way possible!


Aug 3-8, 10-14, 16-21, 23-26

Tomás Ford: Crap Music Rave Party

Aug 3-6, 11-13, 18-20, 24-27

Triage! A Nursing Cabaret

Aug 2-13, 15-27

**Paz and Von’s Black Medicine Show**

Aug 4-13, 15-28

Two chaps from a Lyttel town meet at their favourite haunt, Black Medicine, to bring you extraordinary tales from the antipodes. Over a special brew this dastardly duo; acrobat, fire-eating, whip-cracking, master clown Paz and the infamous bearded cross dresser Von Leon AKA Miss Candy AppleBottom, solve everyday problems every night in the Black Medicine Basement. Hailing from New Zealand this cacophony of trickery and talent will show you anything is possible when you find your inner heroine!

Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic

Aug 3-13, 15-27

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Adam Vincent: How Not to Kill Yourself When Living in the Suburbs

Aug 3-27

**Alcohol is Good for You Too**

Aug 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27

Nominated for Best Comedy 2016 by Fringe World, with 23 sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Aussie lad Sam has been crushing stand-up as of late, in Australia and abroad. So come join Sam for a drink and an hour of non-stop inebriated laughter. ‘One of the best comedy acts I’ve ever seen’ (Scoop). Selected by Sydney Comedy Festival 2016 for the Breakout Comedy Showcase, showcasing six Australian comedians to watch.

Alice Fraser: Empire

Aug 2-13, 15-28

Anne Edmonds: No Offence, None Taken

Aug 2-13, 15-27

**The Ashes: Comedy Showdown**

Aug 6, 13, 20, 27

Australia’s top comedians take on England’s best in a five test comedy series to claim the Comedy Ashes. Kick back with an afternoon beer and watch the old enemies go head to head to prove once and for all which country is funnier. Nominated: Best Comedy Show (Perth Fringe World 2016). ‘Hilariously funny, no knowledge of cricket needed’ (Comfest Media).

**An Aussie Abroad**

Aug 3-27

Brett grew up in the suburbs and went to one of the worst schools in Western Australia. He didn’t know he was an Aussie bogan when he started traveling the world (Bali) with his ‘strayan accent. It wasn’t until he returned from experiencing a new culture (smashing beers on a beach) to attend a wedding that Brett realised who he was… All it took was a groom on a jet-ski (drinking a Rumbo) and the bride doing a burnout in a muscle car to make Brett understand his true bogan nature.

Australia: A Whinging Pom’s Guide

Aug 5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-26

Becky Lucas: Little Bitch

Aug 2-13, 15-20, 22-27

Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine in Race Off

Aug 2-16, 18-28

**Comedy Boxing: The Rematch**

Aug 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27

Aussie wit vs British banter. Two comedians compete over four hilarious rounds. Stand-up, crowd heckling, improvisation, roasting and actual boxing. With sold out shows internationally and across Australia, the long awaited rematch is here and it’s fun on steroids. ‘Punchline power’, ‘Downright funny’ **** Music. Competitors: Sam Kissajukian (Aus) vs Kyle Legacy (UK). Referee: Ruven Govender (South Africa/New Zealand) from TedX.

Damien Power – Utopia: Now in 3D!

Aug 2-13, 15-20, 22-27

Daniel Muggleton – Let’s Never Hang Out

Aug 3-27

**David Correos and Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos and Order**

Aug 2-13, 15-28

In their Edinburgh debut, two of New Zealand’s premier comedians give you the full spectrum, from David’s actual nonsense to Matt’s actual sense. Different methods come together brilliantly, showcasing just how diverse styles of comedy can be. They’ve been on the TV and they won some awards. This is a brilliant hour with the best of both worlds – the eye of the hurricane and the actual full noise hurricane. Comedy that’s both smart and stupid, a show that ticks all the boxes. And also outside the boxes.

Ethnic Cleansing

Aug 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27

Frenchy Unleashed

Aug 2-15, 17-27

Gillian Cosgriff: To the Moon and Back

Aug 2-14, 16-27

James Nokise: Britain, Let’s Talk About the Golliwogs

Aug 3-13, 15-27

**Jez Watts: Sex, Lies & Videogames**

Aug 3-4, 7, 10-11, 14, 17-18, 21, 24-25

Complete sell-out FringeWorld, 2016 and sold out FringeWorld, 2017, this Australian comic presents a hysterical best of stand-up hour. ‘Hilarious! Genuinely loveable and charming’ **** ( ‘Laugh-out-loud funny’ **** (Australia Times). He’s been a soldier (bad), husband (very bad), drug fiend (pretty great actually) and neuroscientist (terrible). Somehow, he’s still here. Join Jez Watts for a hilarious stand-up show built around the results of his own dumb decisions.

Laura Davis – Cake in the Rain

Aug 2-13, 15-28

Lauren Bok: Is That a Burrito in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy You Have a Burrito

Aug 2-28

**Mae Martin and Nick Coyle: Show Party**

Aug 4-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28

Mae Martin (BBC Radio 4’s Mae Martin’s Guide to 21st Century Sexuality, Russell Howard’s Good News) and Australian comic Nick Coyle (Guided Meditation) improvise a variety show based on your suggestions. With stand-up, music, special guests and general chaos, come and see some of the best of the festival freestyling without a net. There will be tears. One thing is guaranteed – it will be 100% different every night.


Aug 3-16

‘Naked is a little gem of a show’ ( ‘Stripping herself back and becoming vulnerable, this heartfelt comedian has nothing to hide as she is beautifully funny – a truly lovely human being. ‘4.95 stars’ ( ‘Show really belongs to Nguyen, who hogs the spotlight every time she hits the stage’ **** (Herald Sun). Diana Nguyen is all the way from a little town called Springvale, Australia. Diana is ready to bare all. Prepare to be stripped back and laugh through the nostalgic memories of nakedness.

Nath Valvo – Not In This House

Aug 2-14, 16-27

Neal Portenza

Aug 3-27

**Nick Cody: On Fire**

Aug 3-13, 15-27

Australia’s acclaimed comedy supernova is back with his sweet facial hair and a brand-new hour of kickass stand-up. Star of TV’s Conan and Just for Laughs, Nick tours non-stop internationally having also supported Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr. ‘Hilarious… belly-aching audacity, belligerence, confidence, faultless delivery’ ***** ( ‘Supremely good stand-up’ **** (Scotsman). ‘Solid, no-nonsense comedy from a solid no-nonsense guy, full of hilarious anecdotes’ **** ( ‘Cody is a revelation… Both uncontrollably laugh-out-loud funny and hang-your-head-in-shame funny’ **** (Herald Sun). ‘The bearded Aussie delivered a masterclass in stand-up’ **** (Herald). ‘Hilarious… a Fringe must-see’ **** (List).

Phi and Me

Aug 3-16

**Puppet Fiction**

Aug 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27

Everybody be cool, this is a motherf*cking puppet show! The ultimate Tarantino homage, this is Pulp Fiction with strings attached. The award-winning cult show from New Zealand returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with more miniature madness and mayhem. Combining the joy of live puppetry with an iconic piece of pop culture makes for a unique and hilarious theatrical experience. Created and performed by puppet maker and master Jon Coddington, theatre wizard Hannah Clarke, actress Anya Tate-Manning, award-winning Welsh/Samoan comedian James Nokise and 25 handmade 40cm marionettes, this show promises to be something special.

Sam Garlepp: Well, There You Go

Aug 3-13, 15-26

Steen Raskopoulos – The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess

Aug 3-13, 15-27

The Stevenson Experience: Identical as Anything

Aug 2-13, 15-27

Tom Walker: Bee Boo

Aug 2-14, 16-27

**Woolly: The Morose Merino**

Aug 3-24, 26-28

Sarcastic, satirical and hilariously self-deprecating, Woolly is a sheep with serious issues! Nominated for the Best Comedy Award of Melbourne Fringe 2016, Woolly is the tale of how one sexually frustrated, twentysomething Brit dealt with rejection in the most absurd way possible: by running away to a sheep-shearing shed in South Australia! What emerged was more sheep than man. Now he’s back, and he’s looking for ewe! ‘Ewe need to see this show’ **** (, AU) ‘A disarmingly sweet-natured, emotionally intelligent show’ **** (, AU).

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Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus

Djuki Mala

Aug 3-13, 15-20, 22-28

The Phoenix and the Crow

Aug 14-20

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Adelaide Fringe Information Session

Aug 15

**GooseChase: The Fringe Game**

Aug 4-27

Get ready to immerse yourself as Edinburgh becomes your playground thanks to Goosechase and the Adelaide Fringe! Edinburgh’s biggest scavenger hunt, The Fringe Game challenges you to solve clues, complete missions, collect points… And points mean prizes! Play this game as a team or fly solo to complete hundreds of unique missions, tasks and puzzles to take the lead. Win a trip for two to summer in Australia and party at the Adelaide Fringe! Return flights thanks to Qatar Airways. Download the Goosechase app (available on iOS and Android) and join The Fringe Game today!


Aug 5-6, 12-13, 19-20

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A Case of You: The Music of Joni Mitchell

Aug 7-12, 14-19, 21-26

Modern Maori Quartet: That’s Us!

Aug 3-13, 15-28

Piano Masterworks 2017

Aug 14, 16

**Ukulele Death Squad (Music)**

Aug 9-10, 13

The Death Squad are pushing the boundaries of the small four-stringed instrument. Formed by South Australian musicians…

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**Priscilla Queen of the Desert**

Aug 4-12

The much loved colourful extravaganza of a show come to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time from the company behind 2016’s sell-out American Idiot. Join Tick, Felicia and Bernadette on their travels across Australia in the world’s most camp bus: Priscilla! Set to classic anthems such as Such as It’s Raining Men, Hot Stuff, True Colours, Go West and I Will Survive this is a guaranteed party night out that packs an emotional punch. Not to be missed!


Aug 2-13, 15-28

**The Barista Chronicles**

Aug 14-19, 21-26

Coffee is the backbone of modern society. Well, that’s what Poppi thinks. But, will she allow the hipster world of the barista to turn her into a twisted bitter wreck, or should she just dive into the melting pot of wisdom her customers comically provide? With every flat white served, Poppi scales the rocky terrain of the human condition, fuelled by caffeine. @MadeinAdelaideAustralia

Good With Maps

Aug 2-13, 15-28

**Julius Caesar**

Aug 14-19, 21-26

In this age of uncertainty one thing is clear, Caesar will die tonight. The inevitable fate of this leader is real, it’s palpable, and you are invited to witness this extraordinary act of assassination. After sell-out seasons in Australia, Essential Theatre bursts onto the Edinburgh stage with this relevant and gritty take on the Bard’s Julius Caesar. This story will be performed by an all-female tour de force. The production has been edited to a taut 70 minutes and praised for it’s ‘sharp dramatic blows’ and ‘piercing succinctness’ (


Aug 4-13, 15-28

A Sydney Critics’ multi award-winning tour-de-force performance of Enda Walsh’s riveting masterpiece. Thomas Campbell (Downton Abbey) plays Thomas Magill and the population of an entire town in a solo performance of epic proportions. ‘Misterman is provocative, buzzes with nuclear energy and, thanks to the holy trinity of Walsh, Gaul and Campbell – especially – is compulsory’ (Lloyd Bradford Syke, ‘This production is perfect in almost every regard… All the elements combine in the tiny theatre to create something unexpectedly moving and overwhelming… A spectacular production with a spectacular performance which shouldn’t be missed’ (Ben Neutze, Daily,

Morgan Stern

Aug 6-13, 15-28

My Pet, My Love

Aug 2-14, 16-28

Nikola and His Travelling Lux Concordia

Aug 2-14, 16-28

One Hander

Aug 2-13, 15-28

**What Would Cathy Do?**

Aug 3-13, 15-28

Cathy’s just been thrown out of the supermarket for stealing, but she’s not a junkie, and she’ll kill any c*nt who says she is. Because she’s an actress, OK? Rehearsing for a film role. Living the life of her character. Taking notes, making observations – and when the cameras start rolling, she’s going to give the performance of a lifetime. Just as long as she’s still around. ‘A warmly abrasive, deftly profane and strikingly truthful performance’ (Sydney Morning Herald). ‘The kind of performance that leaves indelible marks on one’s psyche’ (

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 4th-28th 2017

Download the full programme here

Getting there

by train – 4.5 hrs from Kings X approx £100 return

by air – 1.5 hrs from London approx £50 return

by bus – 9.5 hrs from London Victoria approx £9 one way

by car – 7.5 hrs from London


Free previews, street shows, buskers and entertainment can be found at The High Street on the Royal Mile (between Cockburn Street and George IV Bridge) and the Mound Precinct.

The Half Price Hut on Mount Precinct has thousands of half price tickets for sale.

Plenty of free shows and 2-4-1 tickets across the festival.