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Belle & Sebastian – How to Solve Our Human Problems (part 2)

Belle & Sebastian return with another EP. This kicks off with a far more upbeat track than I’m familiar with from them, with a much rockier sound and intensity. That’s not a bad way to kick things off, and I was gently returned to my comfort zone with a track which is far more typical from this band. The rest of the EP is pretty predictable and while this isn’t as groundbreaking as some earlier compositions i still enjoy listening to most of the tracks. Stand out for me was The Same Star.




Verb T & Pitch 92 –  Good Evening

UK Hip Hop doesn’t get much better than this. I first came across Verb T with a track from his 2012 album Morning Process the track is worth a mention as it’s a cracker Where You Find Me – check it out! Back to the latest album! This collaboration with Pitch 92’s brings his production skills to the party and very nice it is too! Slick beats and loops underpin the sharp lyrics of Verb T and his collaborators. There isn’t a bad track on this album, but for me the stand out is They Say. If you like this also check out The Mouse Outfit.




NameKodjovi Kush, Afrosport All Stars – Love in Africa

Time for something a little different, with a heavy dose of AfroBeat. Kodjovi Kush has been at the forefront of bringing Afrobeat to the UK with club nights and collaborated with amazing musicians. Originally from Togo, he started making music when he was just 15. It was at his club night Afrospot where the Afrospot All Stars first formed. This album is full of amazing talent and was mixed by producer extraordinaire Rhys Adams from Yes King who you should also check out if you haven’t already. Stand out track for me is Mawuto.




Fall Out Boy – Mania

WellMania is what it’s called and that’s exactly how I would describe this new Album from Fall Out Boy. The first track Young and Menace is an assault on the ears and I’m afraid to say it doesn’t set me up to want to dig deeper into this album. There’s nothing particularly endearing about any of this album. I’m afraid to say this is just tripe produced for the masses, and I’m sure it will get more airplay than any of the other albums this month so what do I know…