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Every year, motorsport events attract fans from different parts of the world. As a result, motorsport events are one of the biggest contributors to tourism, and the different motorsport usually opens up new locations to fans periodically.

In recent years, motorsport events held without the fans in the stands didn’t live up to the expectations. That is why motorsport events schedules like the Ally 400, have since prioritized summertime so that petrol heads from different parts of the world can congregate and liven up the adrenaline-laced races.

Motorsport events happen all year round. While most people can easily find travel destinations and make quick travel arrangements, motorsport fans usually have to book their arrangements way upfront.

This article will show the top motorsport destinations you can explore for a good dose of motorsport.

Promising Motorsport Travel Destinations

  • Daytona Beach, USA

NASCAR’s headquarters is located in Daytona Beach, USA, and it is also home to the notable Daytona International Speedway. Daytona International Speedway is one of the oldest and most iconic NASCAR racing grounds.

Motorsport events are a major attraction in Daytona Beach, with events like the Daytona 500 race lined up annually. A lot of exploratory activities are also available for motorsport fans in Daytona Beach.

  • Dubai, UAE

Dubai appeals to many people because of its luxuries. It also has something in store for everyone, including motorsport fans. The Dubai Autodrome stands out as a top motorsport destination because of its many facilities. Dubai is home to the fastest car on earth, and the FIA-approved motorsport facility rightly encourages interest in motorsport both in Dubai and abroad.

  • Nürburg, Germany

Nürburg is home to one of Europe’s oldest race tracks and Germany’s biggest motorsport arena. Every year, motorsport lovers flock to this spot to experience premium motor racing activities.

When Nürburgring (as the race track is called) is not hosting a Grand Prix event, motorsport fans can use the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat and turbo down fast formula one racing-type cars around the older Northern loop race track.

  • Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s Albert Park is usually transformed into a motorsport venue for fans to experience the thrills of motorsport. This is a top spot for motorsport fans as they get to relish Australia’s summertime while driving around the race track that overlooks the Albert Park Lake.


Many motorsport enthusiasts do not get the chance to see live high-speed car racing action regularly. And watching on television does not quite deliver the much-desired excitement like being live at the arena. Traveling to any of these top motorsport destinations will give you a mind-blowing motorsport experience.