What’s the sales sector in Australia like at the moment? Are there lots of jobs for travellers?

Yes, there always are, particularly because we feel sales and marketing is more of a personality-based industry rather than one reliant on formal education. Travellers are always going to have great personalities if they’re to be successful at getting around, networking and making new friends.

What kind of sales positions do you recruit for?

We recruit for event marketing campaigns nationwide, which include sales positions at malls, airports, expos, music concerts, trade shows and more.

What skills or experience are you looking for in a candidate?

Sales skills are an advantage, but an exceptionally fun, outgoing personality, fits well within our criteria for the perfect candidate. Somebody with a great positive attitude who wants to earn great money is always good.

What advice would you give to travellers considering a sales job in

Just get into it! If you join the right company, you’ll make some amazing friends, and be swept up in the atmosphere, fun and travel associated with being in a national sales-driven company.

Are there opportunities to work and travel throughout Australia?

Of course. We have had a number of travellers who get free travel across Australia to work and play in various cities. And why not? It works for us, and it works for them.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities in sales?

As a general rule, we will sponsor only those candidates who are suitable for our business development program, ultimately involving client management duties and other senior executive tasks. We have sponsored travellers before to stay in Australia.

What are the rates of pay, and what are the variables?

We pay a learning development incentive, which is money paid regardless of sales results, itspaid just for being on the event site. We also pay commissions based on sales submitted, and this is the easy part. We have representatives who earn in excess of $1000 each week, without any previous sales experience.

Do you have any advice when it comes to a CV?

With a sales position, it is not how much experience you’ve had or how much you know – itshow likeable you are, how well you communicate, how bold and outgoing you are. Ensure your CV is not stock standard, rather that it has a touch of ego in the cover letter to show personality. 

Do you offer any training?

We offer a huge amount of training. On a daily basis, recruits will be trained in sales skills, locality management skills, marketing and training techniques. All training is continuous throughout the work placement. We are always updating the staff and we keep up the training as we go.

What are the benefits of getting some work experience in Australia?

Ultimately being able to achieve success in a foreign culture is something that is always rewarding. Australia is ahead of its time when it comes to sales and particularly direct sales, and you can learn a huge amount of life skills.

Thanks to Gary Tramer, Managing Director, 
Face2Face Global.

An Interview with a… Sales Team Leader

Stuart Rawling
20, UK

What made you decide to come and work in Australia?
I was bored of the rat race in the UK and I wanted a fresh start, and so I decided to give Australia a try.

How did you land your new job in Australia?
A Canadian guy who was staying at the same backpackers as me was working at Face2Face Global. He told me to come in and meet the manager, and I got a job with them right away. 

And what exactly is it that you do now?
I’m a Team Leader for a sales and marketing company. I’m involved with training new recruits and teaching them how to sell.

What are you planning to do with the money you earn from this job?
Finish the rest of my travels around the world, and hopefully save enough money to open up my own office in the UK. 

Where have you travelled so far, and where are you heading next?
I’ve travelled around America, Canada and New Zealand and I’m planning to go to Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, India and South Africa next.

Any memorable moments at your new job?
I was selected for an all– expenses paid road trip to Adelaide after just two weeks with the company.

What are the good points about your new job?
I’ve got heaps of new friends from not only Australia, but from all over the world. I get to travel and earn money at the same time (so far I’ve seen Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney through work). The work is usually in a very social and casual environment, and there are plenty of chances to get a good feel of Australian culture.

And are there any bad points?
Its sometimes hard work, but its definitely worth it.

How’s the pay?
Fantastic! I love the uncapped earning potential. 

What advice can you give to other travellers considering your job?
You’ve got to be friendly, enthusiastic and willing to have a go!