Australia and New Zealand are crying out for skilled migrant workers

If a job Down Under is what you’re searching for, then you’ll nd a host of opportunities in Australia and New Zealand’s construction sector, where there has always been a strong demand for skilled migrants.

World mover Anglo Pacifc says candidates should seize the moment. “Although requirements for Christchurch’s rebuild are well documented, skill shortages are becoming widespread across Australia and New Zealand,” sales director Jason Diggs explains. “Both nations are struggling to fill key skilled positions with home-grown talent alone. Currently 60% of our export business goes to these two nations – I suspect that figure will rise.” Reckon you could help? Here’s who they’re looking for…

Chippy The real opportunities for carpenters and joiners exist in New Zealand, where the Christchurch and Canterbury region is going through one of the largest construction rebuilds ever due partly to recent earthquakes. Qualifications and experience: We recommend using a reputable migration agent, but in Australia you’ll need an AQF Certifcate III including at least two years of on-the-job training, or AQF Certi cate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3). In New Zealand you’ll need an NZ Register Level 4 qualifcation. You’ll have your skills accessed by the relevant authorities and, if you’re good but don’t have the right certificates, sometimes experience can open doors. In terms of licensing, it depends on which state you intend to work, whether you are being supervised or not and the value of the work.

Pay: Carpenter jobs pay on average 18% higher than Europe. You should get about $900 a week, which will buy you a very nice lifestyle.

Sparky Qualifications and experience: It’s a similar drill, so we recommend using a reputable migration agent. The Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services (VETASSESS) will be able to provide an opinion on your qualifications. Of course, you can work using a Working Holiday Visa, but this restricts you to a maximum of six months with a single employer.

Pay: Again, the pay is much better Down Under than in Europe, and you’re looking at about $55 an hour depending where you go.

Brickies Qualifications and experience: With bricklayers it can be tricky as the majority don’t have a formal qualification but do have signi cant experience. But don’t worry, they take that into consideration and experience goes down well.

Pay: You’ll be looking to earn something around $3,000 per month, although this could be higher if you’re self-employed and charge per day.

Project manager Qualifcations and experience: In both Australia and New Zealand you’ll need a bachelor degree or higher qualifcation to land a project manager job according to Australia’s Department of Immigration. It says, though, that at least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. Find yourself a decent migration agent to help out. Pay: Salaries are good and continuing to rise, so expect to earn a few dollars!

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