For those of us on a budget who still want to enjoy the thrill and beauty of winter sports, there are plenty of ski resorts out there that are both affordable and offer great experiences. We’ve put together some of the best budget ski resorts around the world, so you can get ready for your winter escape on a budget.

Montenegro Ski Resorts

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Montenegro ski resorts offer a unique skiing experience not found elsewhere in Europe. With its breathtaking mountain ranges, unspoiled nature and a traditional atmosphere, this is the perfect destination for budget-savvy skiers looking for an unparalleled skiing experience in an affordable way. Some of the best ski destinations in Montenegro include Zabljak and Kolasin. Flights into Podgorica are also much cheaper and in less demand than those into the Alps. Montenegro is a fantastic destination in general, and while it may lack some of the polish you would expect in the French resorts, half of its charm is the back-to-basics approach. The resorts still have lots to offer, but don’t go there expecting Tignes on a budget, Montenegro is evolving fast but it’s still got a hint of Former Yugoslavia about it, and some of the approaches to tourism is counter productive, but it’s getting much better. A good option is to fly into Dubrovnik in Croatia and then get a transfer or hire a car and cross the boarder into Montenegro which is only a few miles away. From there you can either cut through Bosnia into the mountains or snake around the coast to the Bay of Kotor.

La Thuile Resort, Italy

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La Thuile Resort offers a remarkable ski experience in an Italian style. It’s location is the other side of Mont Blanc so expect some epic scenery! It’s perhaps more suited to beginners and families as it lacks the nightlife you would expect in the Alps. This ski resort provides stunning mountain views, as well as an impressive selection of slopes and trails. There are plenty of modern facilities like cafes, restaurants, and shops. The resort is also ideally located near the French border, offering skiers the chance to explore both countries during their stay!

Bulgaria Ski Resorts

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Bulgarian ski resorts are known for offering exceptional experiences at affordable prices. Bansko is a great example of this, and it’s one of the most popular ski locations in the country. Skiers can enjoy natural snow during winter, as well as access to modern facilities such as restaurants, hotels, and even thermal baths! The resort has several lifts available to take you up the majestic Pirin mountain range, with awesome views from 2200meters above sea level! It’s had some investment into ski infrastructure, but it’s a real mixed bag as far as visitor experience is concerned, with many suggesting the resorts and lifts get over-subscribed at peak times, and may have a slightly backwards approach to hospitality, but you get what you pay for!

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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If you’re searching for an amazing ski destination but one that’s still within a reasonable price range, then consider Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, with glaciers and glacial lakes, but you can also experience 4 different interlinked ski areas – Saaser Vispa, Riedbodenkettezentrum, Mittelallalin, and Plattjen. Plus, the pistes are well-prepared for a wide array of skiing styles! It’s not a pure budget destination though, so you’ll need to pick your accommodation to fit your budget, but it does offer a much more evolved tourist experience and also benefits from a thriving nightlife with bars and DJ’s. It’s often referred to as the mini Zermatt, and while perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers, more advanced or adventurous skiers might need to travel further afield to find snow nirvana.