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Apple's update of their operating system has hit the headlines today after users found hundreds of bizarre glitches and errors.

As Apple made the move to abandon Google Maps in favour of its own new mapping system under the new iOS6 system update, it came under fire from disgruntled users who found many quite serious problems with the maps.

Train stations have gone missing, the massive iconic Sears Tower in Chicago has been moved to a smaller tower and in Ireland, Dublin has been given a new airport where a farm called Airfield currently stands.

In a major glitch, searches for London mostly tends to redirect users to the small city of London in Ontario, Canada.

Stratford Upon Avon, the famous birthplace of William Shakespeare, as well as the towns of Warwick and Leamington Spa have all disappeared from the map below, which compares the new Apple mapping system with Google Maps (via

Chris Taylor of social media website Mashable said "Apple bought three mapping companies to make this happen, and has had years to refine it. How bad could it be? The answer, I’m sad to say as an Apple fan, is very bad indeed. Almost unusably bad."

John Walton of Australian Business Traveller pointed out that the company had conveniently managed to get the location of their widely-adored Apple stores into pride of place on the maps "The only way that iOS6 Maps is an improvement is if you're looking for an Apple Store. These are more prominently displayed than just about anything else in the cities where they appear."

Many bloggers and users have advised against upgrading to iOS6 until the errors have been ironed out.

Main image: The Foo Fighters play at last week's Apple launch (Getty images)


New Apple iOS6 maps software found to have extensive glitches
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