Vaping – it’s not just for reformed smokers

Vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, as they are sometimes better known, have become a common sight over the past decade. They have proved to be the most effective mechanism yet for helping people to give up smoking, and while there is still plenty of debate surrounding their health implications, even critics acknowledge that vaping is less harmful to health than smoking regular cigarettes.

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5 British Shows That’ll Really Ramp Up The Nostalgia

2020, and now moving into 2021 has certainly been a time where we look to the better days. Nostalgia has been turned up to 11 as we look to take solace in the good old days and make the most of our downtime. For most of us that means binging on the latest box sets, but there are also plenty of shows which will remind us of such times too, whether that being a reminder of travel, hobbies or simply one of your favourite years.

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