However, as the technology has advanced and the marketers have got on board, applications for vapes have gone beyond just providing a mechanism to wean those with a nicotine addiction from their 40-a-day habit. New types of vaporizers and nicotine-free vape juices and herbs mean that there are some who have never smoked a cigarette in their lives but who might consider vaping.

Medical uses

Medical marijuana has been in the news almost as much as vaping over recent years. But even in those jurisdictions where its use has not been legalized, there is the non-psychotropic version of cannabis called CBD that also claims to have various therapeutic benefits.

Either of these can be vaped. In the case of medical weed, the advantages of vaping over smoking are the same as those for cigarettes. By only inhaling the vapor, you are exposed to fewer unpleasant and potentially carcinogenic extras than when you take a lungful of smoke.

With CBD, the advantage is a little different. Here, the alternative is to swallow a capsule or perhaps take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. The problem with this is that it can take an hour or more for the CBD to get absorbed into the blood stream. When you vape it, however, you will start feeling the effects in a few short minutes.

Herbal vapes

You can vape more than just nicotine and cannabis products. In fact, dry herb vaporizers can be used for a variety of herbs. Here are some of the most popular choices, along with the basic information you need to successfully try them in your dry herb vaporizer:

Lavender – long renowned for its relaxing properties, lavender is probably the most popular form of herbal vape. It’s said to be particularly effective if you are having trouble sleeping. Vape it at around 125°C.

Sage – vaping sage is reputed to be beneficial brain function and the digestive system. It needs to be heated to about 190°C to vaporize effectively.

Catnip – no joke, catnip can do more than drive your moggy crazy. It is beneficial to the immune system and can help relieve anxiety. It should be vaped at 150°C.

Eucalyptus – a common ingredient in cold remedies, eucalyptus eases a sore throat and has a calming effect. To get the best from it, you’ll need to vape it at precisely 130°C.

St John’s Wort – this is a popular herbal remedy for depression, and as with CBD, vaping helps it get to work faster than capsule form. This one should be heated to 150°C.

Green tea – finally, we’ve all heard about the health benefits of green tea. If you’re not a fan of drinking it, try it in a vape. It releases more of the caffeine, so you get a noticeable energy boost, too. You’ll need to heat it to 185°C.