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During the entire moving process, one of the most difficult tasks is to move heavy furniture items. You need to pack and move all the items in a way that you will receive these in the same condition as these are before the move.

Yes, you might be worried about transporting these but luckily certain tricks from the best furniture moving companies will help you to transport these easily. Check out: 


Create an inventory checklist: You may be aware of the furniture items in your house but it is better to create an inventory checklist as it makes it easy to decide the essential furniture items which you should carry at your new home and the non-essential furniture items which should leave behind to reduce the higher cost of moving. You can purge out unwanted furniture items by selling, gifting, or donating them. 

Measure: It is essential to measure the length, height, and width of the furniture items as it will determine if the items would pass through the corridors and doors without any damage. Before measuring, duly inspect them. See if there is any damage or scratch and if there is any fragile item then handle it with extra care.

Clean: nobody wants to move to a new house with the furniture covered with a thick layer of dirt. Therefore, always keep in mind to clean the dusty items before moving them. There is no need for deep cleaning, just make sure that the furniture items are dust and dirt-free. Also, see to it if there is any coarse particle on the furniture and get free of it.

Carry taller ones high and low: Tall dresser and other tall furniture items are awkward to handle. It is a two-person job in which one should carry it at high while one at low. This keeps the item weight in control and the items do not swing. 

Disassemble as much as you can: Yes, it is not possible to disassemble all the furniture items the items which are huge, awkward in shape, complicated to pack and carry should be dissembled at first. If they are dissembled then all the tasks like packing and transporting become easier. It is recommended you take pictures of assembled items before you disassemble these. Also, keep all the nuts and other accessories used to assemble items in the same packing where you will pack the furniture item. Don’t mix up all the things else you will find yourself in a big problem later. 

Get the advantage of special moving equipment: These days, there are much special moving equipment are available out there to make the transportation of items easier and smoother like a drolly to move heavy furniture items which one could not lift. Therefore make sure you use the latest tools not only to make transportation easier but also to have surety that all the items can be transported safely. 


Don’t move the obsolete one: You don’t want movers to carry unnecessary weight and increase the burden on your budget by packing and shifting obsolete, old, or too damaged furniture to the new house. It is not worth it to spend an extra amount of money on the packing supplies and transportation of old furniture.

Don’t directly cover with bubble wrap: Covering the delicate furniture items directly with bubble wrap or packing tape can cause damage to its fine surface. Rather, first, cover the precious furniture item with clean packing paper or blanket and then secure the covering with the help of bubble wrap and packing tape.

Don’t leave the large-sized furniture assembled: It is difficult and exhausting to carry large and heavy items if fully assembled. According to experienced moving companies, it is better to disassemble the large-sized furniture and cover the disassembled parts with the help of packing paper to protect it.

Don’t pack yourself: You may be tempted to pack the furniture items on your own to save few bucks. But if don’t have any experience of packing you may end up damaging the furniture which further costs you more. Therefore, do take the help of professional packers.

Don’t try to lift by yourself: You might want to save money by hiring movers but this is the biggest mistake you are going to commit. If you will try to lift the heavy furniture items by yourself then it does not only put the item at the risk but also you are putting yourself at the risk of injuries. You should never take any kind of risk regarding your body or health, therefore, make sure you hire professionals to do the job. They are experienced in handling such items and can complete the job by themselves.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Moving large furniture items is not an easy job to do, you will require the right tools, techniques, and experience. Trying to do the task by yourself is not a wise option. Hire professionals to do it. 

Moving furniture: what to and what not to do?
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