A Grelha

27 Coldharbour Lane, Docklands, E14 9NS
Tube: Canary Wharf

The scene: It’s sunny but windy the evening we visit this al fresco Portuguese seafood restaurant on the Thames. As we settle at a table overlooking the 02 Stadium, a waitress hurries over with blankets for our knees.

Sangria in hand, we survey the racing clouds, wooden decking, display of fresh seafood and sizzling BBQ. Bar the view, which is unmistakably London, we could quite possibly be in Portugal’s Algarve – and we like that.

The grub: We begin with garlicky baby squid and mussels cooked in white wine. 

For our main course we share enormous Madagascan prawns and a whole sea bass. All is fresh and simply cooked without any heavy seasoning masking the flavours. Accompanied by a big salad and a bowl of fries, it’s perfect. You can also try traditional Algarve dishes like the Cataplana seafood stew or a giant Spanish paella to share.

Behind the bar: Go for beer, wine, cocktails or a jugs of Pimm’s or Sangria.

Bill please: Cocktails from £7.80, main courses about £20.

Verdict: Pricey but special. Your date will be impressed.


– Frankie Mullin