If you’re punctual and precise (we know you people do exist) then we’ve got the job for you – the rest of you lazy lot, turn the page now. In London, admin jobs abound and they’re straightforward to get, even if you don’t have experience. Though do note, turning up at the wrong office or forgetting the boss’s name will not lead to success. So brush up on your punctuality and punctuation and you should go down a treat.

Human Resources:

If you work in HR you’re the heart and soul of the company. The employees’ happiness depends on you; their pay depends on you; their job depends on you. Does Al in IT have BO? Fire his ass. We’re joking of course – that would be illegal – but you may be the one who has to tell him. What we’re trying to say is that with this job comes responsibility and dedication. People in HR organise salaries and benefits, recruitment and training (fancy team bonding on a Caribbean island? It’s worth a try). Almost every company has an HR department, which is great if you’re interested in a specific field. Simplyhrjobs.co.uk has a huge list of jobs.

Qualifications and experience: Any office jobs you have had will be helpful but you don’t need qualifications – just show that you work well in a team, are friendly, dedicated and understand what the job entails.

Pay and hours: Salaries start at £21,000 and go up according to role. Part-time or flexi-time is possible, depending on company size.

Personal Assistant:

Being a PA can be pretty glamorous – it can also be pretty gruelling, depending on who you work for; but if you land a good gig, there are tons of perks. PAs work closely with senior managers and executives. They are in full charge of their boss’s diary, booking meetings, arranging travel (this is where the perks come in) and answering (or screening) calls and emails. They also sometimes do background research for reports or meetings and are often required to liaise with clients, which is a major plus if parties are involved. Palondon.co.uk specialises in PA jobs.

Qualifications and experience: It’s important to have experience in admin as your employer will want to know you’re reliable and won’t double book her, or send the wrong present to his ‘wife’ (ahem) and so on.

Pay and hours: Office hours usually apply but this can change during busy periods so you should be flexible. Salaries start at £21,000 but they get very high, depending on experience.

%TNT Magazine% Receptionist


Receptionists are the face of the company so make sure you go to the interview with a smile. The job includes manning the phones, ferrying guests to the correct spots and managing bookings. If you’re active, working at a gym is fun and you’ll probably be able to use the facilities. If you want a more refined role and you have some experience, top hotels are often recruiting. There are even niche receptionist jobs at schools or hospitals, which, if you have some experience or special interest, are a great option.

Qualifications and experience: You don’t need any formal qualifications but personality is key. You have to be friendly, happy to speak with anyone and articulate (no one likes a mumbler).

Pay and hours: Receptionists earn £15-19,000 a year and hours will match opening times of the organisation. Frontrecruitment.co.uk advertise just ‘front of house’ jobs.


Now this is for those true organisation hounds who get hernias when they see a number out of place or an unopened email. Many of your responsibilities will be similar to those of a PA, however, you’ll be working more generally for a company rather than a person – which can mean less pressure and more regular hours. Secretaries need to have good computer skills and they also need to keep the office running smoothly so it’s good to have a friendly face too. If you work in a finance environment your work will involve more Excel spreadsheets (some people will fist pump at this news) but there are low-key options too. Officeangels.com is a good start.

Qualifications and experience: It’s good to show that you have organisational skills through previous work, but specifics aren’t needed.

Pay and hours: Salaries begin at £17,000 and hours are usually 9 – 5.

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