Many cash-conscious Brits also say they would stand for the entire duration of a flight or sleep outside on a sun lounger in order to secure better deals on holiday bookings.

The poll by holiday firm asked more than 2000 people what lengths they would go to for big savings of 50 per cent or more on their holiday bookings on top of the standard discounts and deals.

A colossal 65 per cent said they would be prepared to stand throughout the flight – which could get interesting when those drinks trollies try to squeeze past. Meanwhile 42 per cent were willing to take a chance on sharing their hotel room with a total stranger – risky, but it could negate any need to go out on the pull if your luck’s in.

A third said they would sleep outside on a sun lounger every night if it sent their bills tumbling; 21 per cent said they would work a shift in the hotel during their stay, and 13 per cent even said they would be prepared to not drink alcohol during their entire holiday (whoa, steady on).

Respondents were prepared to go to even more extreme lengths in return for a free round-the-world trip. Some 27 per cent said they would happily streak down a busy high street, while 24 per cent said they would sacrifice a non-vital organ (their brain, maybe?). Around 18 per cent would leave their job, and 12 per cent would even leave their partner – maybe in the hope of finding a ready-made replacement in the hotel room.

Of the 21 per cent who admitted being dishonest on a foreign holiday in order to benefit in some way, 42 per cent said they had lied about a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary in order to get special treatment; 13 per cent had even lied that they were on honeymoon in order to get preferential treatment or upgrades.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of, said: “I wouldn’t personally fancy sharing a hotel room with strangers, but sleeping out by the pool on a sun lounger under the stars doesn’t seem too bad. We’re surprised more people would prefer to do the former!”