A flame-haired Scot named Richard Macrae is currently known to be the only man to be in possession of such a card, which was made for him by a friend for his 30th birthday, and is adorned with the words:

Ginger Discount Card

The International Council of Ginger

Richard Fuzz Macrae

Certified Ginger

Macrae has now been using the card for three years and reckons he has saved around £200 by receiving discounts in shops, pubs, taxis and club entries.

We feel like it needs to be made clear that the staff are usually aware the card is not genuine, but give a discount because they think it’s funny, and probably because they feel the ginge deserves it.

Although it seems Macrae’s discount powers have given him confidence in his vibrant hair colour, as he has since teamed his long locks with a goatee and impressive moustache.

Go on Macrae, stand up for the gingers, and save a few quid while you’re at it. Nice work.