Bedsprings, cables, springs and pulleys had never been so utilised.

Fast forward 100 years and the Reformer machine is essentially a sophisticated reproduction of the Pilates’ hospital bed.

It is also at the heart of Pilates Bootcamp, used in the classes at its four London venues to form a dynamic style of pilates class, which combines traditional mat-based pilates with circuit training.

The contraption is kind to the skeleton and joints, and helps lengthen and strengthen muscles without putting on bulk.

Essentially, it is the ultimate stretching and toning workout. Commit to Bootcamp’s classes, and your posture will thank you for it, too.

Additionally, you are promised improved co-ordination, increased stamina, better breathing and sharper concentration.

But this is ‘Bootcamp’, remember. So expect your arms, legs, butts and thighs to take a right old beating.

Price: £18.00

Where: Studios in Notting Hill, Hoxton, Fulham and Richmond