No I’m not hearing things, Freddy is the big, burly man inside the punchbag I’m attempting to smack the living daylights out of. Ensconced in layers of padding, Freddy the “goad-tivator” is there to provoke lazy types into putting that little bit more effort into their right hooks by telling them they fight like girls. While Freddy hurls insults, there’s a personal trainer coaching me on how to deliver my punches more effectively, who then makes me do push-ups, jumps and other various exercises on gym apparatus that have me breaking a sweat in under five minutes. Back at the punchbag, Freddy shouts, “Is that all you’ve got?” before telling me to bring my dad, my brother my auntie and even my nan to help pummel him. In between laughs, I find myself working harder to prove I’m not a weakling, which leaves me with aching arms and a sense of achievement. The 30-minute sessions cost £8 or monthly membership at Gymbox is £62. If you get in touch before your session, they’ll make a mask resembling someone of your choice (boss, ex, evil housemate) for your human punchbag to wear.  CV

100 High Holborn, WC1V 6RD 
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