Victor and the Bully
Who would have thought that pulling a sickie would have resulted in such a great collaboration?  Two years on this lively and somewhat cheeky duo are going from strength to strength with their special brand of music.  But it is not just the music to them; it is also the show, the performance from the sound through to their appearance.  Each aspect is stylised, fun and full of energy.  ‘Victor’ had previously written other songs, but with the ‘Bully’ now on board they decided they wanted to be as distinctive as possible.  For this reason they wanted to bring a caberet-esque sound to the local scene, so they also brought some more popular aspects to the music which gives it a wider spectrum without compromising the ‘feel’.  Armed with a Ukulele and Guitar, (maybe a backing track) these two strum up a party, with some great lyrics that are a little on the dark side, but delivered with tongue in cheek.  They do provide a feeling that there is an orchestra hidden from sight, backing them as they sing away.   Their voices are strong and diverse which helps bring the right character to their songs.  This week they are performing at the Be Somebody competition at Trapeze bar on the 15 April.
 So come along enjoy the party, because there will definitely be one there.

Frankie and the Bozboys
If you are going to create a band that plays 1950s music, you better be good, energetic and know your stuff.   Frankie and the Bozboys have definitely ticked all of those boxes.  Describing themselves as a Skiffle and Roll band: this group will be headlining at the Underbelly in Hoxton Square on the 11 April. They comprise of six performers including a washboard player, and their authentic sound will have your toes tapping on the dance floor, with their music which you just cannot help but move to. They play both classics and originals all staying within their era’s style.  The attention to detail extends also to their website, as it tells the story of how they started in 1946, (maybe ask them the secret to their youthful look).  Each performer has created a character that moves from the page to the stage to complete their overall performance.  The rapport they have with each other on stage, gives it the feel of a group of great friends playing together, maybe even a family.  They include the audience in this feel, as they joke and engage with everyone.  Their energy helps build the party atmosphere and the rest…. Well that will be down to you.  It should be a great night out with something a little bit different.  Just make sure you bring those dancing shoes. 

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