Former Clapham-based Aussie bachelor Alec Bragg has released a cookbook specifically designed to help his single brothers get a little loving. 

Alec says a well-behaved bachelor cook doesn’t cook and tell but insists all the recipes in Pants off Salmon have a proven track record – and most were trialled right here in London.

“The secret is really the effort put in by the cook. Girls like the fact that a bloke has made the effort of cooking her a meal – and that effort is often the thing that is rewarded,” he says.

Each meal has a ‘panty drop rating’ – a novel way of grading the meals – but “blokes may need to put some work in after the cooking is done.”

Alec says the idea of the book was to get guys back into the kitchen and make them feel comfortable about cooking – “to show that it can be very easy and at the same time be very impressive.

“There is no doubt that with the help of the book things are cooking in the bachelor houses!

“My favourite is the original salmon dish – salmon with chili, ginger and red onion poached in coconut milk – it’s a big winner!”

The book can be bought here


We have two copies of Pants off Salmon to give away. Simply tell us below your best seduction story involving food to be in the running.